Start the countdown…

In 27 days, I’ll be waking up on the first morning of medical school. Some days I still can’t believe that it’ll be me in a white coat and comfortable shoes. Continue reading “Start the countdown…”


Happy weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? We’re babysitting my cousins, and bringing over sushi – it’ll be their first time trying it! I’m also looking forward to picking up some new camping gear for our upcoming trip, and learning how to fishtail braid. My cousin is an expert! Tonight, we’re watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Mike’s favourite part is that the whole world comes together to celebrate great things, like England’s National Health Service and the music of the London Symphony Orchestra. Are you tuning in? Here are some fun things from around the Internet that I’ve been checking out lately. Happy weekend!

A bucket list I found inspiring.

This salad looks amazing, and perfect to pack for a light lunch at the office.

Classic love stories… the Olympics had me thinking of Posh and Becks, especially

This year’s CMA backpacks were unveiled today! They’re maroon, Mac’s colour – I’m getting seriously excited for August 27th.

And, on that note, an opinion piece in the Times about how much health care Americans (and I think Canadians, too), are getting compared to what we need.

Recent pinterest loves

And finally…a few beach inspired things I’m loving for lazy summer days.



Well, the good news is I’m still alive. The bad news is that my little midterm hiatus turned into, oh, a few months. I’ve got a bunch of posts planned, so I hope we can get back to business here!