Foodie Friday

Couldn’t wait to share this recipe with you guys – I wrote it when I was working on some healthy breakfast ideas. Continue reading “Foodie Friday”


J Crew and My First Personal Stylist

Several weeks ago, I decided to take advantage of J. Crew’s Very Personal Stylist offering and sent an email to Stacy, a VPS. According to J Crew’s website, Very Personal Stylists “will help you put it all together – they’ll pick the best fits, colours and styles from each collection for exactly what you need. They’re serious style experts”. Here’s what happened… Continue reading “J Crew and My First Personal Stylist”

A Post-Summer Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I wanted to do a quick update before I get back into a schedule. In April I graduated from McMaster and at the beginning of May, Mike and I left on our trip around Europe. Just a few days before we left, he was offered a job at Google, in Mountain View. And, when we were away, I was accepted to McMaster medical school. At the end of June, we came back and worked (ok, worked and hung out) for the rest of the summer. At the end of August, Mike headed off to San Francisco and I came back to Hamilton. Since I chose the Waterloo campus at McMaster, I’ll be moving there in a few months. Mike is also going to try to transfer to Google Waterloo, and we’ll be back in the same city in a year or two. And, in a short sixteen weeks, I’ve found myself in a completely new world of a new career, new friends and a newly long distance relationship. Should be a fun next few years :)