A European Adventure

This summer, Mike and I backpacked from London down and around Europe and ended our trip in Portugal…I’m way, way overdue in sharing some of our photos here, but better late than never right? :) Here are some of our favourite pictures. Stay tuned for more information about fun things to see and do in our new favourite cities! xo

We had a sweet picnic on the Seine in Paris,

visited a church made out of real human bones near Prague,

Strolled through the gardens of the palace in Vienna,

stared off into the Bosnian hills,

enjoyed a late seafood dinner on the docks in Dubrovnik,

and shared kisses in Rome :).

We watched the sunset in Florence,

climbed mountains in Interlaken,

had fresh fish in downtown Cannes,

played on the rocky beaches of Monte Carlo,

and visited the only Basilica in the world still under construction in Barcelona.

We spent time on the beach there, too (my favourite!)

Then, we visited our second Hapsburg palace in Madrid,

and climbed the walls of Castel San Jorge in Lisbon.

It was an amazing trip and I feel so lucky to have been able to take it with Mike. How many people can say they wandered around Europe with their best friend?


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