A little lightheaded…

So, I realized today that I forgot to document a big event on the blog. Not that I blog with any kind of reasonable schedule or routine anyways, but this one is relevant. I like to call it the big chop. On a Wednesday afternoon in August, instead of driving home from work I headed straight to the hairdresser. And, call it crazy, genius or just plain low blood sugar, I chopped off (and donated!) 13 inches of hair. Hence the lightheadedness, as everything really does feel a little more airy with such short hair.

Here is a little before and after so you can get an idea:


Before, with Mike on Thanksgiving, 2011


And after, taken with good old Photobooth a few hours after the event, in August 2012.

I should mention that this post was finally written because one of my favourite bloggers, Krystal, wrote about her big chop today too. In other cool news, Krystal also works at Google Mountain View, like Mike! Small world.

Are any of you considering a big hair change? I say go for it!


2 thoughts on “A little lightheaded…

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