An Update


So, I am two weeks into the 100in30 challenge. I’m heading off for a run now, but the update so far is that after today’s run, I should be at about 48 miles – putting me right on track for tomorrow’s halfway point.

Now that I’m getting used to the idea of running every day, it hasn’t been so hard to schedule things. I need to run at least 3 miles every day to stay on goal, so I just make sure that I have about half an hour free each day… and let’s be honest, if I let myself I could waste that time on Facebook anyways!

The initial soreness that I was feeling from no rest days is gone, and my laundry pile definitely grew, but that’s about it. This past week I did have one or two “bad” runs – the kind where you want it to be over before you’ve even started, but most were great. I’ve been trying to stay hydrated throughout the day, since that seems to help. Yesterday, I came home to Aurora at the last minute and didn’t get to the gym at Mac before leaving. So, at night, I put on about 15 layers of neon and headed outside. It. was. awesome. Nothing like a treadmill to make you forget how much you like to run :)

See you next week for what should be a 75 mile update! Yikes!



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