75% – I can see the end!

Today marks 23 days since I started the 100in30 challenge. I’m up to 80 miles, a tiny bit ahead of the 76.6 that I should be at, since I had a few solid 4-5 mile runs in a row. I’ve really noticed the mental side of running in the last week or so. Blame it on the treadmill if you want, but I was feeling like as soon as I started running, my automatic thought was “how long until I get to stop?”.

This week, though, I’ve found that the first mile is the hardest (probably because I like to skip my warm up) and if I can distract myself through that, I’m happy to make it 4 or 5 miles without feeling uncomfortable or needing water. I’ve also noticed that after running I’m more focused and able to get things done, which kind of reinforces for me that I could never do a desk job!

Finally, lots of people have asked me about how I’m completing the challenge. I’d like to post a better rundown when I’m done (perhaps while on the plane to SF!) but for now, here are my “rules”:

1. You must run every day.

2. You must run until a. you run out of time, or b. you really can’t run anymore.

3. You have to set aside enough time each day that you are able to complete the three miles needed to stay on track (ie if I run 8 minute miles, I need to set aside a minimum of 24 minutes for my workout).

So far, I’ve only had one day where I had to call in rule b (I was just super tired in general) and one other day where I broke rule three because there just weren’t enough hours in the day. So, I guess the informal rule 4 is one time, you can break a rule :).

See you at the finish line!



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