Have a lovely weekend!


Hi! Can’t believe the weekend is already here! Do you have any plans? I’m wrapping up my month in Ottawa today, and driving home to Aurora with my best friend from undergrad before going back to KW for 6 weeks of OB/GYN. I can’t wait to see my family and get settled back into my apartment. I missed my clothes (oh, and my friends:)! Plus, I love OB, so this should be a great rotation.

Here are a few links I’ve enjoyed from around the internet this week – hope you like them!


Yum. This really makes me want sunshine. And a personal chef.

This awesome website has me practising my Italian, French and Spanish. It’s really fun, and makes me want to go back to Europe and never leave :).

Grownups acting out kids’ scripts (this one‘s my favourite)!

I am newly addicted to this – add red wine and Scandal and I’m in heaven!

I am so, so ready for summer (and wearing a few new finds!)

All set to order this major investment, which has been a long time coming. Deep breaths.

So true!

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