I’m home! And Workouts Last Week

Hey chickies! Over the weekend I drove back to Aurora and then on to KW. Even though travelling always leaves me feeling pooped, I’m beyond excited to be back in my own space, and starting OB :). I’m really hoping to get a good sense of what the lifestyle is like and whether I can handle it. Onto a quick recap of my workouts this week!

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 9.07.12 PM

Monday – 3.7 mi run @ 8:31/mi Ok, this was a huge deal. After an early shift on Monday and not getting to sit/eat/pee all day in a crazy ER, I was beyond tired when I got home. Add the -10 degree weather and it was just so tempting to stay curled up in my bed instead of going for a run. I ended up giving myself a serious pep talk, including “look at that dress. Don’t you want it to still fit?” and “remember your not-so-great mileage last week and that oh-so-lofty goal you set for yourself?”. Finally, it came down to “just put on a bunch of gear, get out there and run one mile. Then you can turn around if you want”. Well, once I got going it wasn’t half bad :). A nice slow run in the fading sunshine was a great, if chilly, way to end the day.

Tuesday – 3.7 mi run @ 8:03/mi Another battle with myself to get out the door, so I just did the exact same loop as yesterday. Quick and dirty but still counts!

Wednesday – 3.2 mi run @ 8:10/mi I struggled to leave the hospital at a reasonable time and only had time for a shorter run before dark, but still a nice evening in Ottawa.

Thursday – off Another late shift + rain = no run today! Thought about doing abs but decided I should pack instead!

Friday – off Worked till 6 then drove home from Ottawa, so no time to squeeze in a run. It always surprises me how I really feel the second day off. Missing one day of activity is not a huge deal for me, but by the time it’s been 48 hours since my last workout, I’m really getting antsy!

photo (1)

Saturday – 3.1 mi run @ 7:51/mi My mom’s sister lives only 5km away, so I ran over to her place to see my cousins and grandfather today. It is so, so nice to be back home, even if only for a little while. My favourite thing about this run, though, is the negative splits! Even with lottsss of elevation and a stop light in the middle, I managed to be under 8:00 average and faster all the way!

Sunday – 3.1 mi run @ 8:23/mi and 40 min walk with Mom Started off this gorgeous sunny day with a walk with my Mom to the nearby Starbucks… because as my Dad said, the coffee wasn’t going to get itself! The caffeine jolt carried me through until early evening, when I went for a quick run back in KW. So nice to be in my usual neighbourhood, minus the part where I died on the hills!

Totals: 16.8 mi / 2:17:41



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