Workouts and a Monday Morning Recap

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Good morning! Hope you had a good weekend. We spent lots of time with family and I ate wayyyyy too much chocolate. The next few days are going to have to be all about cleaning up my diet before racing on Sunday! After realizing that I was pretty dehydrated in last week’s post, I really tried to step up the water intake this week. I drank at least 500 mL each day, which may not seem like a lot but is a big improvement for me :). I did get a few good workouts in this week, and I was a little spoiled with some new birthday gear – I got the lululemon gym bag (above), and tank (below). I love both so far!

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Monday – run 5 mi @ 8:20/mi | abs I really had to convince myself to go down to the gym on Monday because it was cloudy and cold, but once I got on the treadmill I started having a really great run. The original goal (as usual) was to get to about 5k, but once I hit 3 miles, I thought I could easily go a little farther. At 4 miles, there was a good song on, and at 5 I finally decided that I should get going so I’d have time to finish some homework :)

Tuesday – swim 1 mi | run 4 mi @ 8:30/mi with Alyson I had a busy day in the OR, followed by a training session that I had to cut short because of a presentation at school in the evening. Luckily, my friend Alyson agreed to run with me after the presentation, and it was so nice to go out at night and catch up. It was pretty cold, but once we got going (and talking!) it was really nice.

Wednesday – run 3 mi through the park with Jenny @ 8:11/mi I felt pretty slow on this afternoon run, which I attributed to the pace of the week so far but also to some bad eating (leftover birthday cake! for breakfast!).

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Thursday – post-call 5.4 mi run with Steve @ 8:36/mi This workout sort of creeped up on me, just like the Monday run. I worked a day call shift at the hospital, and I had just gotten home and decided I didn’t really feel like running when my friend Steve sent me a message asking if I wanted to head out. Without really thinking, I said ok, and we headed into Waterloo. Steve is actually a great athlete and totally pushed me on this run – I was still feeling really slow and blah (ok, and still eating pretty badly) so I’m pretty happy that this run went even this well. I definitely could have been faster, though.

Friday – quick 3.1 mi loop @ 8:00/mi I topped off my week with this Friday night workout. Mike landed in the morning, so we spent the day hanging out, doing a little work and catching up, and at the last minute I decided to get 5k in before the sun went down. Also, he brought me an awesome birthday gift – the Garmin Fenix 2! More on that later, but I took it out on the run and I’m totally in love.

Saturday + Sunday Off for Easter :)


Totals 21.5 mi / 3h 51min


Have a lighthearted weekend


Hello! Once again I find myself at the end of another week, with a to-do list that’s just as long as it was at the beginning! What are you up to this Easter weekend? Mike flew in this morning, so after work today we’re having drinks with friends, and spending tomorrow and Sunday with more friends and family. He’s excited for two home-cooked Easter dinners, and I’m holding out for the mini eggs :).

Here are some links for your weekend! Enjoy. xo

#tbt to the days of Britney and Justin

We’re going to bring one of these to dinner at Mike’s, and another to lunch at my Mom’s.

Ooh and some fresh flowers – the best hostess gift!

An interesting article about practising medicine stateside

I’ve been listening to this on longer runs this week

I’m pondering the practicality of these pants (answer: probably not very practical:)


Finally Spring! And Workouts Last Week


It’s Monday again! I’m so glad that the weather has finally started warming up. Last week almost all of my workouts were outdoors, and I even feel fine running in the evenings after a later end to the workday. It was definitely a busy week including call, my birthday and adjusting to a new specialty, but I love when things are busy. I think I thrive on it! Here’s a quick recap of my workouts for the week

Monday – off After my first day call shift, I was pretty tired, and it was after 9pm when I got home. I thought (briefly, haha) about going to the gym but decided to give myself a break and go to bed early

Tuesday – 0.8 mi swim/2.3 mi run @ 8:40/mi with the Koalas I was pressed for time during the regular workout because of plans afterwards, so I did our 60 min swim workout, which was a lot of shorter reps. It always surprises me how much more tired I am when I try to swim quickly and in short bursts! Give me 400m sets any day. Usually after swimming we run at least 5 or 6 km, but I only had 20 minutes, so 2.3 mi was all I got – much better than nothing :)

Wednesday – 3.1 mi run @ 9:02/mi This was such a crazy day! We were in the OR all day, and then on call overnight, but I managed to steal a quick hour between the two. I knew that if I didn’t work out I’d feel reallllyyy crappy overnight, so I zoomed out of the hospital as soon as we were done, ran a quick loop, showered and zoomed back. Totally frenzied but very much worth it!

Thursday – 3.8 mi birthday run @ 10:00/mi with Jenny Post call I was zonked, so when I got home around 10 am I went straight to bed. I woke up around 1.30 to lots of texts and phone messages, which were so fun to read. Jenny had left me a message suggesting a run before a session we had at school that evening, and it seemed like the perfect way to get out of post-call zombie mode. We enjoyed a slow-ish and chatty (ie perfect) 6k. I did miss Koala training with all the weird scheduling though!

Friday – off I had every intention of running in the evening, but got swept into dinner plans and just thought, oh well. An extra rest day is probably ok :).

Saturday – 3.1 mi run @ 8:51/mi with Jenny Jen and I spent the day together on Saturday before going out to celebrate my birthday that night, so in between shopping and partying we thought we’d better do something active. It was honestly the best day I’ve spent in a while.

Sunday – 3.1 mi run @ 8:10/mi + 6.8 mi ride Finally I decided to end the week with a bit of a push. I had let a lot of reading and school work pile up, so I didn’t have as much time as I might have liked, but I went out for a run around lunch time. When I got back, I quickly decided that since I was already in workout gear and had planned to pick up a water bottle cage at the bike shop, I should just ride there. They were closed, so I kept going a little farther and then looped back home.

I feel like I was a little slow looking back – and I’m signed up for a 10k in two weeks! I think the name of the game this week will be hydration – it always makes such a difference when I’m on top of my water intake.

Totals: 23 mi / 3h 48 min

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Have a fun weekend


Hi friends! Sorry for the radio silence this week – those first few OB shifts took the wind right out of my sails, but catching babies just does not get old. I’m going to try to be better about blogging this week! I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend. I’m using it to catch up on blogging and homework, and tonight celebrating my 24th (!!) birthday with friends. What are you up to?

Here are some fun links from around the web that I enjoyed this week. Hope you like them! xo

Every single one of these is so true – I keep laughing about it!

A hard lesson I’ve learned in medical school – with a culture of belittling students, it’s refreshing to hear Hillary Clinton‘s take on criticism.

Are you playing this incredibly addictive game?

Made me smile.

Trying to decide if I need one of these to go with the new bike.

My lovely friends made this gorgeous carrot cake for me yesterday, and I made this delicious cheesecake earlier in the week. Can you ever have too much cake?

Yet another reason to exercise – and a great video about it, which I’ve posted before!

I caved and got myself these shoes, because woohoo! Spring!



Starting OB/GYN and workouts last week

Good morning chickies! It turned out to be a really nice weekend around here, which let me finish the week’s workouts with a bang :). I’m happy with how the pace has picked up – I was a little worried back in Ottawa. I picked up my new bike last week though, so life is pretty good! Today is my first day on the wards in OB/GYN, and I’m on call, so yikes! It’s definitely going to be a little busier work-wise, so I have have a feeling the next few workouts won’t be quite so stellar. We’ll see! Here’s how I did last week:

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 11.46.50 PM

Monday – 3.5 mi run @ 8:01/mi Managed to get outside for this run at the end of a busy day. Sometimes I really have to push myself out the door, but I’m always so glad I did. Side note – all the runners I know have been lol-ing at this BuzzFeed article. It captures my thoughts exactly :)

Tuesday – 1.1 mi swim (60 min) and 3.1 mi run @ 8:22/mi Ahh so nice to be back in KW and training with the club again. I’d almost forgotten about my love/hate relationship with the pool (so cold!).

Wednesday – 4.1 mi run @ 9:10/mi with a friend And the other great thing about being back home – running buddies! Jenny and I chatted all through this run at a gentle pace. It’s like free therapy!

Thursday – 1.5 km swim (60 min) and 3.2 mi run @ 8:40/mi Koalas training again. Struggled to get through this run. I think I need to be better at hydrating through practise. Also, sometimes at this point it’s evening and I haven’t eaten since breakfast or lunch, so bringing a snack might not hurt.

Friday – 3.1 mi treadmill run @ 8:21/mi Let the day get kinda late before I squeezed a run in. It rained a bunch and I was holding off to see if I’d get a clear hour to get outside, but no dice. Slightly boring treadmill run.

photo 2Saturday – 4.1 mi treadmill run @ 8:25/mi This run was awesome! For some reason I was really in the zone. I had another busy day of errands, homework, cleaning (ok, and a little sleeping in) and it was too late to head outside by myself. I still managed a really solid treadmill run, and felt so much better after.

photo 1

Sunday – 0.8 mi swim @ 30 min/mi and 16 mi ride @ 15 mi/hr and 3 mi run @ 8:20/mi This day was the workout icing on the cake. It was perfectly sunny, a little breezy and 15 degrees outside, which meant that I was itching to get out there right away. My family came for brunch to celebrate mine and my Dad’s birthdays, and then I met up with my friend Steve to go for a quick swim. The swim turned into a swim/ride brick, and after he left I figured why not tack on the run. My legs definitely felt like Jell-o, though! Time to pick up the bike training. Overall, a really fantastic day.

Totals: 43 mi / 420 min – woohoo :)

Have a sunny weekend

8a09c318fa29ab29b0ad41fe456cdb71This week I’m feeling triumphant – like we’ve made it through Winter and Spring might finally – truly – be here. I can’t wait to get outside without putting on all of my layers! Do you have any plans? Tonight I’m catching up with friends over wine (which apparently helps the best stories come out!) and celebrating my Dad’s birthday over brunch. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some spring cleaning too – the apartment definitely needs it :). What are you up to?

Here are some links from around the web. Hope you enjoy!


Some fun news this week: I cut off several inches of hair, and bought my first road bike! So far I’m loving both :)

For my Toronto friends: West Elm is hosting an Etsy pop-up shop!

The perfect combination of Summer and food? A kitchen garden.

Check out this handy list if you’re planning on tackling some spring cleaning, too.

This fruit leather looks so beautiful, and it would be the perfect snack for a busy day.

The new issue of Porter Magazine is out, we know what I’ll be reading in bed tomorrow morning. Did someone say latte?

J. Crew is having a sale – woohoo! (I love these for relaxing and this for an easy summery work outfit)

Have you ever considered working out according to your body type? Maybe I’ll give this routine a go next week.

I’ve been loving some new finds on Pinterest for Spring/Summer inspiration. These ladies have great taste.

When it comes to productivity, I need all the help I can get (about that magazine-reading…)


Wearable Tech


Since starting to work out more often and branching out into different sports, I’ve been using online fitness trackers like Strava, Map My Run and My Fitness Pal to track progress or measure workouts. I’m definitely a numbers person and I’ve been thinking about getting some kind of universal fitness/activity tracker. There are a bunch on the market, and they all have slightly different features, so I thought I’d do a comparison here. Once I get one, I’ll be sure to do a review, too!

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