Tuesday Musings: “30 Healthy Habits”

I often see articles on Pinterest, other blogs, and news media about healthy habits. For some reason, though, I don’t often think much about them. I guess I assume I lead a pretty healthy life! But I thought I’d go through this Women’s Health post, which popped up in my email a few days ago, and see if I really am as healthy as I think. The article is a list of 30 health choices that all women should make by age 30. I’m almost halfway through my 20’s (gah!) so I guess it’s time to see how I’m doing. Since it would take a while to go through all thirty points in one post, I’m breaking it up over the next 3 Tuesday Musings posts.

photo (2)

1. Find a workout you enjoy I’ve definitely done this over the past 18 months with running. I had run here and there, but my habit really started in November of 2012, when I decided I’d run 100 miles in 1 month. Since then, with a few blips here and there (travelling to Kenya, really busy clinical days) I haven’t looked back. Totally, completely agree that this is a key element of health.

2. Drink more water This is definitely something I still need to work on. I’ve never been the kind of person that sips water during the day. For a while at the end of high school I got into the habit (and actually felt great) but it’s been a while. Even on/after longer runs I often drink only a few sips of water.

3. Quit smoking Check! Never started :)

4. Stand more Hmm. I would say that these days, medicine has me standing a lot, if I happen to be in the clinic or OR. However, on days off, I spend a lotttt of time sitting and reading. I’m not sure how to be more conscious of this, but I like the idea and still think it’s something I could really benefit from doing. I think I get a 0.5 on this one.

5. Find the best birth control for you I kinda figured this one out early. In my late teens and early 20’s I tried a bunch of types of the pill, and hated all of them. I was bloated, I felt nauseous, and I constantly had this weird taste in my mouth. Plus, I felt more emotional and just less like myself. Two years after I started, I stopped taking it, and feel so much better. I’ve thought briefly about an IUD, but the idea of more hormones is just too off-putting now. Is this TMI? Sorry :)

6. Drink only in moderation In the first year and a bit of medical school I definitely drank more than I did in my undergraduate years, but still definitely didn’t drink “a lot”. I think as long as I’m well under the recommended <7 drinks/week for women, I’m fine with this.

7. Get health insurance Also check! Thanks Canada!

8. Love your body For me, this is the hardest item on this list. I think everyone has parts of themselves that they wish they could change or “fix”. Loving myself just the way I am is a bit of a work in progress. Gonna go with 0 on this one.


9. Schedule regular friend dates Luckily, I see a lot of my friends all the time around school. But, there are lots of friends from other times/parts of my life that definitely get neglected. And now being in clerkship means that seeing school friends is a lot less guaranteed. So while I’m doing okay in this area, it would be easy to make some changes to do a lot better. 0.5 again.

10. Learn to cook at least a few healthy things This I can do! Growing up cooking lots means there are a bunch of easy, healthy foods in my arsenal. If you want to see a few of the newer things I’m trying lately, check out the “recipe” and “yum” tags!

So, that leaves me at 7/10 on the first set! How do you stack up?



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