Wearable Tech


Since starting to work out more often and branching out into different sports, I’ve been using online fitness trackers like Strava, Map My Run and My Fitness Pal to track progress or measure workouts. I’m definitely a numbers person and I’ve been thinking about getting some kind of universal fitness/activity tracker. There are a bunch on the market, and they all have slightly different features, so I thought I’d do a comparison here. Once I get one, I’ll be sure to do a review, too!

Wearable Tech

In considering a fitness tracker for myself, I first made a list of the features that would be important to me. I gave each feature a points value – the top 9 are each worth 2-3 points, and the last 3 are worth 1 point each. I came up with:

  • price (hello, student budget!) – 3 points
  • calories burned – 3 pts
  • steps taken – 2 points
  • swim/bike/run tracking – each 3 points
  • sleep tracking – 2 points
  • diet tracking – 2 points
  • heart rate monitoring – 2 points

Then, for practicality, I also considered battery life, compatibility with my existing devices (almost entirely Apple), and style (wristband, which I prefer, vs. clip) – all worth 1 point. Here’s how everything stacked up.


I ended up giving every tracker one point for compatibility (they all work pretty well with most common devices) and for battery life – the shortest was 5 days, which I can totally handle.

Major winners were the Basis B1 with 19 points, the Withings Pulse with 18, and the Polar Loop with 17. Overall, though, I learned that the trackers are all pretty similar in each price range. It really seems that they’re designed for fitness, not training, and emphasize activity in general rather than specific workouts.

Would you get (or do you already have) some kind of wearable fitness tracker?



2 thoughts on “Wearable Tech

  1. I have a withings and I love it. It tracks my biking though, so was surprised to see it didn’t get any points. Plus if you are talking ‘price’ Withings has a lot of value for that $98. Good Luck in your choices.

    1. Alyssa

      The withings does seem like a good choice – I think I didn’t give it any biking points because the website said I had to enter the biking in manually, instead of the withings recognizing that I was on a bike. Is it automatic? Thanks so much for your feedback!

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