Starting OB/GYN and workouts last week

Good morning chickies! It turned out to be a really nice weekend around here, which let me finish the week’s workouts with a bang :). I’m happy with how the pace has picked up – I was a little worried back in Ottawa. I picked up my new bike last week though, so life is pretty good! Today is my first day on the wards in OB/GYN, and I’m on call, so yikes! It’s definitely going to be a little busier work-wise, so I have have a feeling the next few workouts won’t be quite so stellar. We’ll see! Here’s how I did last week:

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 11.46.50 PM

Monday – 3.5 mi run @ 8:01/mi Managed to get outside for this run at the end of a busy day. Sometimes I really have to push myself out the door, but I’m always so glad I did. Side note – all the runners I know have been lol-ing at this BuzzFeed article. It captures my thoughts exactly :)

Tuesday – 1.1 mi swim (60 min) and 3.1 mi run @ 8:22/mi Ahh so nice to be back in KW and training with the club again. I’d almost forgotten about my love/hate relationship with the pool (so cold!).

Wednesday – 4.1 mi run @ 9:10/mi with a friend And the other great thing about being back home – running buddies! Jenny and I chatted all through this run at a gentle pace. It’s like free therapy!

Thursday – 1.5 km swim (60 min) and 3.2 mi run @ 8:40/mi Koalas training again. Struggled to get through this run. I think I need to be better at hydrating through practise. Also, sometimes at this point it’s evening and I haven’t eaten since breakfast or lunch, so bringing a snack might not hurt.

Friday – 3.1 mi treadmill run @ 8:21/mi Let the day get kinda late before I squeezed a run in. It rained a bunch and I was holding off to see if I’d get a clear hour to get outside, but no dice. Slightly boring treadmill run.

photo 2Saturday – 4.1 mi treadmill run @ 8:25/mi This run was awesome! For some reason I was really in the zone. I had another busy day of errands, homework, cleaning (ok, and a little sleeping in) and it was too late to head outside by myself. I still managed a really solid treadmill run, and felt so much better after.

photo 1

Sunday – 0.8 mi swim @ 30 min/mi and 16 mi ride @ 15 mi/hr and 3 mi run @ 8:20/mi This day was the workout icing on the cake. It was perfectly sunny, a little breezy and 15 degrees outside, which meant that I was itching to get out there right away. My family came for brunch to celebrate mine and my Dad’s birthdays, and then I met up with my friend Steve to go for a quick swim. The swim turned into a swim/ride brick, and after he left I figured why not tack on the run. My legs definitely felt like Jell-o, though! Time to pick up the bike training. Overall, a really fantastic day.

Totals: 43 mi / 420 min – woohoo :)


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