Finally Spring! And Workouts Last Week


It’s Monday again! I’m so glad that the weather has finally started warming up. Last week almost all of my workouts were outdoors, and I even feel fine running in the evenings after a later end to the workday. It was definitely a busy week including call, my birthday and adjusting to a new specialty, but I love when things are busy. I think I thrive on it! Here’s a quick recap of my workouts for the week

Monday – off After my first day call shift, I was pretty tired, and it was after 9pm when I got home. I thought (briefly, haha) about going to the gym but decided to give myself a break and go to bed early

Tuesday – 0.8 mi swim/2.3 mi run @ 8:40/mi with the Koalas I was pressed for time during the regular workout because of plans afterwards, so I did our 60 min swim workout, which was a lot of shorter reps. It always surprises me how much more tired I am when I try to swim quickly and in short bursts! Give me 400m sets any day. Usually after swimming we run at least 5 or 6 km, but I only had 20 minutes, so 2.3 mi was all I got – much better than nothing :)

Wednesday – 3.1 mi run @ 9:02/mi This was such a crazy day! We were in the OR all day, and then on call overnight, but I managed to steal a quick hour between the two. I knew that if I didn’t work out I’d feel reallllyyy crappy overnight, so I zoomed out of the hospital as soon as we were done, ran a quick loop, showered and zoomed back. Totally frenzied but very much worth it!

Thursday – 3.8 mi birthday run @ 10:00/mi with Jenny Post call I was zonked, so when I got home around 10 am I went straight to bed. I woke up around 1.30 to lots of texts and phone messages, which were so fun to read. Jenny had left me a message suggesting a run before a session we had at school that evening, and it seemed like the perfect way to get out of post-call zombie mode. We enjoyed a slow-ish and chatty (ie perfect) 6k. I did miss Koala training with all the weird scheduling though!

Friday – off I had every intention of running in the evening, but got swept into dinner plans and just thought, oh well. An extra rest day is probably ok :).

Saturday – 3.1 mi run @ 8:51/mi with Jenny Jen and I spent the day together on Saturday before going out to celebrate my birthday that night, so in between shopping and partying we thought we’d better do something active. It was honestly the best day I’ve spent in a while.

Sunday – 3.1 mi run @ 8:10/mi + 6.8 mi ride Finally I decided to end the week with a bit of a push. I had let a lot of reading and school work pile up, so I didn’t have as much time as I might have liked, but I went out for a run around lunch time. When I got back, I quickly decided that since I was already in workout gear and had planned to pick up a water bottle cage at the bike shop, I should just ride there. They were closed, so I kept going a little farther and then looped back home.

I feel like I was a little slow looking back – and I’m signed up for a 10k in two weeks! I think the name of the game this week will be hydration – it always makes such a difference when I’m on top of my water intake.

Totals: 23 mi / 3h 48 min

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