Workouts and a Monday Morning Recap

photo 4

Good morning! Hope you had a good weekend. We spent lots of time with family and I ate wayyyyy too much chocolate. The next few days are going to have to be all about cleaning up my diet before racing on Sunday! After realizing that I was pretty dehydrated in last week’s post, I really tried to step up the water intake this week. I drank at least 500 mL each day, which may not seem like a lot but is a big improvement for me :). I did get a few good workouts in this week, and I was a little spoiled with some new birthday gear – I got the lululemon gym bag (above), and tank (below). I love both so far!

photo 4 (1)

Monday – run 5 mi @ 8:20/mi | abs I really had to convince myself to go down to the gym on Monday because it was cloudy and cold, but once I got on the treadmill I started having a really great run. The original goal (as usual) was to get to about 5k, but once I hit 3 miles, I thought I could easily go a little farther. At 4 miles, there was a good song on, and at 5 I finally decided that I should get going so I’d have time to finish some homework :)

Tuesday – swim 1 mi | run 4 mi @ 8:30/mi with Alyson I had a busy day in the OR, followed by a training session that I had to cut short because of a presentation at school in the evening. Luckily, my friend Alyson agreed to run with me after the presentation, and it was so nice to go out at night and catch up. It was pretty cold, but once we got going (and talking!) it was really nice.

Wednesday – run 3 mi through the park with Jenny @ 8:11/mi I felt pretty slow on this afternoon run, which I attributed to the pace of the week so far but also to some bad eating (leftover birthday cake! for breakfast!).

photo (3)

Thursday – post-call 5.4 mi run with Steve @ 8:36/mi This workout sort of creeped up on me, just like the Monday run. I worked a day call shift at the hospital, and I had just gotten home and decided I didn’t really feel like running when my friend Steve sent me a message asking if I wanted to head out. Without really thinking, I said ok, and we headed into Waterloo. Steve is actually a great athlete and totally pushed me on this run – I was still feeling really slow and blah (ok, and still eating pretty badly) so I’m pretty happy that this run went even this well. I definitely could have been faster, though.

Friday – quick 3.1 mi loop @ 8:00/mi I topped off my week with this Friday night workout. Mike landed in the morning, so we spent the day hanging out, doing a little work and catching up, and at the last minute I decided to get 5k in before the sun went down. Also, he brought me an awesome birthday gift – the Garmin Fenix 2! More on that later, but I took it out on the run and I’m totally in love.

Saturday + Sunday Off for Easter :)


Totals 21.5 mi / 3h 51min


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