Training for Worlds, Week 1!

Good morning! I wanted to post a quick training update today because as of January 1st, it’s bye bye off-season and hello to week 1 of training for worlds.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 11.39.22 PM

First, a bit about the off season. I didn’t stop working out completely, but I did trail wayyy off in my number of workouts and my mileage. I also ate pretty much whatever I wanted. Some days I felt a bit guilty about this, but when I look back I think I really needed the mental downtime. I don’t feel that training is always super hard on my body, but it can definitely be rough on my mind to maintain a rigorous schedule and (slightly) controlled diet. Next Tuesday I’m going to post some of my goals for this season, so stay tuned for that update!

2014 ended up being a great year. Before I got my Garmin, the app/website that I used to track workouts was Strava. Now, most of my workouts still get imported there, although the treadmill ones tend to get left out if I forget to add them manually. I still lovelovelove the site though, and to celebrate the new year they put together a “StravaStory” for their athletes. Here’s mine – and click here to make yours!

Now – this is how 2015’s workouts started:

January 1: 10km run outside (50 min)

January 2: 9.5km mixed road/trail run with coach and a friend (52 min)

January 3: 6.5km on the treadmill (blah) (34 min)

January 4: 8km on the treadmill (40 min) + legs and core

January 5: 45 mins of intervals on the spin bike (26km?), then a quick 5 minute run off the bike to find my legs (1.something km). Finished up with a core/leg strength session

January 6 (planned for after work today): 60 min swim.. not too sure what the workout will be but it’s usually around 1800m by the time we actually get in the water :), and then a ~6km run (30 mins).

Total time: about 5:30

Total km: around 68

I’m reallyyyy hoping for a short winter this year. I miss biking outside and I’m dying to go for a run that doesn’t involve putting on 18 layers of lulu and still getting windburn. Can’t wait to get this mileage up though! I’m excited for everything this year is going to bring.


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