New Year’s Brunch

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New Year’s, 2014

I can’t believe how quickly this week flew by! Today I’m hosting a bunch of friends for a New Year’s Brunch – this is the second year I’m doing it, and it’s something I’ve really looked forward to. I mean, I love the excuse to drink mimosas, plus brunch is so easy to put together and it’s really great to see some of my favourite people around my table (which is actually my table plus my desk pushed together!).

This year, I put together a really simple menu that includes a few things I can make ahead – perfect for this busy ICU rotation and gave me enough time to sneak in a run this morning! I linked to recipes if I could find them.

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  • Grilled pears – I made these at Thanksgiving for a simple and light dessert!
  • Mixed berry fruit salad – my mom has been making this for brunch for years, so I just copied her. The secret is to let the fruit sit in a bit of white wine and sugar overnight (isn’t the secret always wine?)!
  • Smoked salmon nibbles
  • Yogurt + toppings (granola, mixed nuts, honey)
  • Fresh bagels with jam, butter and nut spreads


  • Sparkling water with fresh citrus fruit – this is another staple I’m copying from Mom. So easy, pretty and delicious. Here’s a quick overview.
  • champagne – I thought about making mimosas but I think just having champagne and OJ on hand is easier, so everyone can do what they like.
  • OJ
  • coffee – espresso and Canadian
  • tea

I don’t remember the exact details of last year’s menu, but I did do stacks of mini pancakes, monkey bread and mini quiches! I usually put the food out on my island buffet-style and have drinks and condiments on the table.

For more menu ideas don’t forget that you can always check out my pinterest boards!


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