Training Week 2 in the Books

Can’t believe I’m already wrapping up the second week of training and the routine is in full swing! I had a challenge these past two weeks with my Monday and Wednesday workouts. The issue is that I’m so hungry when I get home from work (around 6.30), that I feel like I need to eat right away. By the time I eat, digest, clean up a little and finally get my butt to the gym (at -18 deg C it’s too cold and dark outside!), it’s after 8. Plus, since I’ve already eaten dinner, I don’t feel my best. Tues/Thurs are easier because I go straight from work to the gym for a group workout, and make sure to eat a snack. The combination of snack + group is a distraction from post-work hunger. Fridays are usually fine because it’s just easy run day. Ohh, nutrition.

IMG_2199Wednesday: 1 hour (Spin bike said 33.6 km) – 6 minute warm up, then 3x 12 min hard effort / 6 min easy. Finished the evening with a quick core workout (100 situps, 2x 1 min plank, 2x 20 leg lifts)

Thursday: 1 hour swim (400m WU, 8x50m choice drill, 6x200m with variations of pulling, 100m fast, 100m easy, cool down), 7.5 km progression run on the treadmill (36 min)

Friday: First rest day of 2015! I came home from work with nothing left and a slightly sore hamstring from Friday… it was honestly hard not to fall asleep and face plant into my dinner. I had an easy run scheduled, but decided to move it to early Saturday morning.

Saturday: First planned “two-a-day” of 2015! AM: Easy run (6 km at ~5:45) + ab set. My PM workout got booted to Sunday due to timing issues with friends for brunch and running around looking for an interview outfit.

Sunday: Actual first double workout :).

Afternoon: Longer run (14 km… thank goodness the -20 degree weather let up a bit and I could do this one outside). 1:15.

Evening: Longer ride on the spin bike (1:30 at consistent effort, maybe 40 km?).

Normally I wouldn’t double up long workouts like this, but they were both planned as long and easy, and my work schedule wouldn’t have it any other way, so here we are.

IMG_2246 Monday: 25 min strength workout and 45 min bike HIIT: 5 min WU, then 5x (4 min hard effort, 4 min easy). The spin bike said 24 km, average 31.6 km/h. My legs were definitely not thrilled with me after yesterday.

Tuesday: 1 hr swim, 6 km run planned for tonight

Totals: ~9 hours, 135 km

Not as much as I’d like, but there are just not enough hours sometimes! Plus, it’s early days. Lots of time to build.

Don’t forget you can also follow along with my training on Strava if you’d like!


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