Training for Worlds Week 3: An Adventure in Adaptability


What a week. I finished my time on ICU and travelled a bunch, so suffice it to say that my workouts did NOT go according to plan. That’s ok, though. I’ve learned that sometimes life gets in the way a bit and I try not to freak out about it.

Honestly, though? Sometimes I think I could write a book about this craziness :).

Wednesday: Went out for dinner with a few of the residents after a late night at work. Got home around 10 and squeezed in a 30 min HIIT workout on the bike. Attempted a 5k treadmill run afterwards but was too tired. Total: 30 min on the bike, 10 min on treadmill.

Thursday: Worked late and packed – no workout!

Friday: Surprise! I needed an emergency root canal. I got on a plane right after and when the cabin pressure changed after takeoff, I had the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. No joke, it took 2 tylenol3 and 2 extra strength advil for me to get it under control. No workout.

Saturday: 6 km run on the hotel treadmill + abs in Vancouver, BC

Sunday: Finally a nice 14 km run on the Galloping Goose and Lochside trails in Victoria, BC

Monday: First flight out cancelled, so it was super late by the time I was settled. Rest day!

Tuesday: 7 km on the hotel treadmill in Edmonton, AB and a quick ab set at the hotel in Winnipeg, MB.

I’m not going to add up the volumes this week, because let’s be honest, with this much traveling it’s nowhere near what it needs to be. Just going to keep trucking and doing what I can!

As always, you can follow along on Strava if you’d like:)


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