Week 4 of Training


I’m loving my Believe training journal from the awesome Oiselle!

Hey chickies! It’s hard to believe week 4 is already over, but I really didn’t get much training in. I’m happy with some nutrition progress though! I’ve also been thinking about some early targets for race times, which I hope to share soon. Here’s a quick breakdown of this week:

Wednesday: 5 mile treadmill run at the hotel in Winnipeg. It was in the pool area, and so unbelievably hot. Definitely rode the strugglebus on this one.

Thursday: Snuck in a treadmill run at the Goodlife in the YYZ airport! 3.1 miles @ 7:42 min/mi. I was super happy to be able to squeeze in this short run.

Friday: Run on an ancient treadmill at the hotel in Vancouver… there was no distance marker but the Garmin said 2.7 mi? I only had ~20 min to run so maybe that’s about right.

Saturday: Red eye from Vancouver + morning interview + longggg afternoon nap = no workout! Rest day :)

Sunday: Back in Aurora for a gently hilly and cold but perfectly sunny 10 mi at 8:30 min/mi average pace. I felt awesome other than some pain in my ankles. Could have pushed harder but just enjoyed a longer run.


 Late night treddy run – 5 sweaty but feel-good miles

Monday: Still having ankle pain on the right side but had a great treadmill progression run (7.2 –> 8.0 mph) for 5 mi at 7:53 min/mi average pace.

Tuesday: I’m not working/interviewing/traveling today, so I’m taking the chance to catch up on errands/groceries, and get some good training in. I’ll be doing a recovery run this morning, and then a swim/run brick with the Koalas tonight. Hoping for a total of 8 mi and 2000 m.

Total: 33.8 mi running + 2000 m swim. I’ll take it!

How did your week go? Did you get some good miles in?


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