Links, Random Happenings and Hooray for the Weekend

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popping bottles – I opened this one with a sabre!

It’s Friday! I had a totally weird week with travel and a mix of downtime and interviewing, so lots of times I got confused aboutwhat day of the week it was :) Nonetheless, the travel is now DONE and I’m happy for a relaxing weekend and getting back to my routine. I spent last night in Montreal after lots of delayed flights and airport struggles, but la champagnerie with mon amie was lovely. We also hiked up Mt. Royal (beautiful and so so so cold) and spent 24 hours catching up nonstop.

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we both love coffee and waking up to lungo shots from this machine was pretty much perfect

Here are a few things I’ve been reading this week:

As someone who usually lives a very scheduled life, this article about time management was so interesting to me. I find that my “sweet spot” for scheduling really varies, but maybe I should give 30 minutes a go.

Ray Kurzweil’s predictions for the next 25 years – it is absolutely amazing to see what we might anticipate from technology, especially since there are so many applications for medicine!

I’m dying to make this granola and this sort-of-not-really-healthy treat (hey, I can’t spend all my time training and reading about AI :).

I got sucked into watching this video series about a pot delivery man in NYC and really looking forward to watching this new documentary.

As always, TAL kills it – such good audio for all my travel over the past few weeks.


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