A Last Minute Adventure


Hello from the airport again! I know what you’re thinking – another flight? If you’ve been following along so far (and I don’t blame you if you haven’t, I barely know what time zone I’m in), you know that interviews are done and I’m officially done with all my scheduled travel.

Well, right after my last interview I got to youtube-ing and found myself bouncing over to photos of amazing beaches, surfing, swimming, and general adventure in Costa Rica. On a whim, I clicked over to Kayak, my go-to for booking cheap flights, and they weren’t that bad. I realized I still have about 5 days off since I banked all my vacation last year. So, on a very big whim, I booked a flight. And then a hostel. And then I called my parents for a ride. And that’s how today, less than 48 hours after my last interview, I’m sitting at the airport again, on my way to the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica for a solo surf adventure.

I’m beyond excited to meet some cool people, check out amazing beaches and generally relax. I don’t plan on opening my laptop at all, unless it’s to do a photo dump. Over the past few weeks, I haven’t been sleeping well, my resting heart rate has been elevated, and I can just tell that my body needs a major reset. Of course, since I got home from Montreal, unpacked, did laundry, repacked and came back to the airport, both my workouts this weekend got skipped. I figured I’ll just do them by the beach :).

              IMG_2501.JPG           IMG_2499.JPG

they rescued me from my packing nightmare & I made dinner – seems like a sweet deal to me!

I also had the chance to have a few friends over for dinner (and obviously packing advice) last night, and it was so great. I just threw this turkey chili recipe (which I make with a combo of extra lean ground turkey and lean ground chicken) in the crock pot as soon as I got home, and by the time they arrived it was ready. We added a super simple salad and that was it! It’s going to be awesome for all my med school friends to be back in the same place next week.

I have posts scheduled to go up on Tuesday and Friday as they normally would, but unless I get the chance to do a quick update, Tuesday’s training post won’t be totally complete. I’m looking forward to sharing stories and photos when I get back! As always, you can find my most up-to-date adventures on instagram!



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