Training Week 6: No More Travel (kind of)!

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As of February 6th I’m back at home with no plans to get on a plane anytime soon plans to get on a plane on the 8th ;), and it is lovely. I feel so lucky to have been able to see so much of Canada and be invited to interview at a lot of fantastic programs, but oh boy do I love my own bed :) –> and the beach. I really love the beach.

I’m looking forward to routine and this week definitely reflects that I’ve gone more into triathlete mode than “girl who runs a lot without any structure” :). I’ve also been thinking about some goal times for races coming up. The next one is the Refrigee-8er 8 mi race on the 22nd. My coach thinks I can go sub-60 min, but I’m feeling a bit more conservative and leaning towards 63-65 min. Especially if the roads are still slushy! Is anyone else running this one? There are so many fast ladies in KW!

Now that I’m done rambling, here’s how the workouts shaped up this week:

Wednesday: 45 min on the spin bike at consistent, moderate effort –> 16.8 mi / 30 min run off the bike –> I did this as a bit of a progression run because it always takes me 5-10 min to find my legs! Started at 7.0 mph and worked my way up to 8.0. Total 3.55 mi.

I also had a strength session scheduled for Wednesday but I ran out of time. I just reinserted it on Saturday.

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Have you seen this “Uptown Funk Abs” video? Let’s just say that yup, I tried it, and double-yup,it’s hard.

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good friends take you hiking – great friends tie their shoes (on your feet) because you’re already wearing mittens

Thursday: In Montreal today, staying with one of my favourite ladies. Since it was way too cold/snowy (think -25 C) for me to think about running, we suited up in allllll the clothes (good thing she’s as tall as I am!) and went for a 1.5 hr hike up Mt. Royal. It was nice to do something active, but I’ll call this one a rest day.

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feeling more than a little queasy on this run, but as always, awesome after

Friday: Flew home in the morning, just in time to squeeze in an easy run (4.15 mi) + ab workout. I mayyyy have been sweating out some of Thursday night’s fun :). Great news though – my  new SOAS tights and longline sports bra (not pictured) arrived – they are so awesome! Lots more pics to come.

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Saturday: Long bike day + strength + run to make up for lighter mileage this week. Laundry. Unpacking. More laundry. More packing. I might still count this as a strength day! haha

Sunday: Long run day – last week was supposed to be a bit shorter, but I ended up running 16 km, so this week I planned 18 km –> and moved that workout to Monday

Monday: Bike + Long run + strength

Tuesday: Koala’s practice planned for tonight – swim ~1800m, then 4 mi run –> Will do the same thing, but open water + beach run style! Woo hoo!

I’ve been forgetting to say this lately, but you can definitely still find my workouts on Strava! The rest of my adventures are on Instagram :).


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