Training Week 7: From Swim, Bike, Run, to Sand, Surf, Sun


heading out to watch the sunset from the waves

So, 10 days ago I decided to sneak off to the beach after running around Canada for a few weeks, and a really busy past year of medical school. I went to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica to surfbut also to reconnect with myself a bit and have some time and space to think.

Since Teresa is really isolated, it took me a while to get there and back. I still managed to enjoy 5 and a half days of downtime, which really did help me feel a lot better. Long story short, I was feeling a bit burnt out and even though booking this trip was crazy spontaneous, I’m so glad I went. Now it’s on to general surgery for the last 6 weeks of clinical training in medical school, and then the licensing exam!


definitely in beach mode!

Normally I would be posting training updates on a Tuesday, but the weather in Santa Teresa was crazy. Think 33 degrees Celsius by 8.30 am. That combined with no real roads (ATV is the main form of transport) meant that I had to change up my expectations for workouts. Luckily, surfing is like swimming with random pushups and squats mixed in, and I do feel like I got a lot of exercise. I also managed a 5 mile run on the beach one evening (and paid the price with dehydration and nausea later) and did a lot of walking.

Probably the easiest “training” I did in Costa Rica was nutrition related. There was so much amazing fresh fruit and fish everywhere that it’s pretty much all I ate for the past 8 days. Melons, mangoes, avocado, tomatoes… I could go on forever but it was fantastic. I also tried aloe juice for the first time, which was super refreshing, great for hydration and not too sweet!

So, not much of a training recap today, but I’m officially back in Canada for the foreseeable future and feeling oh-so-ready to get back to routine. Regular training and a full trip recap to come – stay tuned!

Swim: No idea how many meters – every day, at least twice a day, with a surfboard and without

Bike: None. Oops :)

Run: One 5 mi run on the beach. At least 5 km of walking each day.

Strength: omg popping up on a surfboard. Enough said :)

Don’t forget! You can also follow along with my triathlon and travel on Strava and Instagram too!


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