Nutrition Update – What I Ate Wednesday

Hi! I’m back from interviews, back from Costa Rica, and finally settling into my regular life after 4+ weeks of bouncing around like crazy. Since I had initially planned to make nutrition the focus of February, I figured I’d do a WIW post (even though today is Saturday – this is from this week).

Breakfast: Cappuccino and a banana + vitamins (Calcium/Vit D and a multivitamin). Note that I would normally eat more than this for breakfast, but I had a pretty late dinner last night and wasn’t feeling hungry. I’ve been trying to eat as intuitively as possible and remember that just because it’s time for a meal, it doesn’t mean I have to eat.

Mid-morning snack: I ate a big bunch of grapes throughout the morning and tried to remember to drink some water, since I was feeling dehydrated from cold air + lots of flights + getting back into workouts.


This pic of my lunch isn’t super pretty but it was delish!

Lunch: A yummy vitality bowl from Pure JBK in Kitchener. I got it with salad greens instead of grains: Oven roasted chicken, spicy cauliflower, goat cheese, pickled celery, julienned carrots, Romaine, apple, radish, fresh jalapenos. Spicy but yummy! I also ate a bunch of my friend’s big cookieFullSizeRender (2)

At school trying to get all that water in!

I noticed that I was feeling pretty full after this. I think the combination of grapes and banana this morning might have been too much fibre? Usually I like to have a better balance of simple carbohydrates early.

Workout: Since I’m jumping back into full training this week, I have a brick workout to do today. 45 min bike + 5km run.

Dinner: Normally I would have a post-workout snack, but since it was so close to dinner I just lumped them together today. I ran out yesterday to get a bunch of groceries but didn’t get a chance to do any meal planning, so things are going to be a little random around here. I ate a bowl of yogurt+berries+granola and a salad with spinach+tuna+tomatoes+cucumber. I was still a bit hungry after that, so I added a piece of toast with PB and a few squares of dark chocolate


rocking my best post-swim sleep-deprived look

Workout: A good friend of mine wanted to give lane swimming a try, so I took her to the pool and squeezed in a workout while she swam.

Bedtime snack: I’ve been trying to avoid the bedtime snacking, but after another 1.5 hr workout I figured I needed something. I went with another piece of toast (this time with some cheese), and a biscotti and a mug of green tea.

Overall a pretty good day! Had to sneak some chocolate in somehow :)



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