Training Week 8: Resuming Normal Life

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this is basically me all winter – i have a giant collection of giant scarves!

It’s Tuesday again! Somehow I’m 2 months into the season and only barely starting to feel like I’m finding some fitness.


step one: walk in the door. step 2: put on sweats. step 3: blog from my bed

I ended up having a really great first week back from Costa Rica. I got to see tons of friends, get back into practices and even went out a few times! Here’s how the workouts shaped up:

Wednesday Early in the week I was feeling really rested from my vacation, so I got right to it. First I did a 45 minute workout on the spin bike (similar to my usual: WU, 12 min hard-3 min easy x3, CD), followed by a run on the treadmill (3.1 mi, getting slightly faster with each mile as I found my legs). Later in the evening I went for a lane swim with a friend and did some longer sets (mostly 400’s at 65% effort with a few fast 75’s thrown in).

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lacing my my millionth pair of fasttwiches for a koalas speed workout

Thursday Koala’s swim (I know this wasn’t a long one but I can’t remember the exact workout). I think by the time we finished chatting and actually got to swimming, we only did about 1650 until the time was up. After swimming, we did a super short but high intensity speed workout on the treadmills: 1 mile WU, then a few repeats of 30 seconds at max pace with 1 min rest. For me, that looks like level ~10 and 6, with 4% and 0% incline. Then we did another 1.5 mi CD. I was definitely sweaty after this, but I didn’t feel like I worked, which I usually do after a run.

Friday A long day at work on Friday plus plans with friends later meant I only had time for a short, easy run… I don’t even know how far I went but it was maybeee 20 mins. I chose not to worry about this and save my legs.

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I have this thing where I love bright colours in grocery stores

Saturday On Saturday I was supposed to bike but I was feeling a little off and decided to do nothing to get ready for Sunday. I did, however, check out a great new grocery store in Waterloo called “Goodness Me”. It’s huge and they have the healthiest stuff. I was in triathlete/foodie heaven. The best part was, I got to meet Jessica there – I’d been reading her blog for a while and we finally had a chance to meet up. The girl is awesome!

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Koalas koach Rob (in the red hat) making the pass with 100 m to the finish


me (in pink & blue) telling myself to settle as i reach the front of this small pack around mile 2

Sunday The Refrigee-8er 8 mi race! You can read all about it in my race recap, but I had an ok day with good results – placed first in my AG and 8th girl overall, but felt nauseous before, during and after the race.

Monday One of my first normal days :). 30 min on the spin bike (easy) to flush my legs from yesterday, then a 30 min treadmill run (3.8 mi) and a short strength workout.

Tuesday Koala’s practice planned for later today: swim ~1800 m and run ~4 mi

Totals: Running 23.5 mi / cycling 1:15 / Swimming 3450 m – Not back to normal volumes yet but getting there for sure!

Remember you can follow along on Strava and Instagram too :) How was your week of training? Anyone racing in the cold?


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