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Hey guys, happy weekend! One of the most common questions I get from people, whether they’re total strangers or my own parents, is “how do you fit it all in?” Some people are skeptical that it’s possible to be an endurance athlete while you have a full time job, and others are just downright surprised. I’ve seen a few of these “day in the life” posts floating around the internet, so I thought I’d give one a try and show you what a typical Thursday looks like around these parts.

6.45 am My cell phone alarm goes off. I take 30 seconds to find my phone in the sea of pillows (yeah I fell asleep with it in my bed last night, oops) and hit snooze.

6.54 am 9 minutes later, the alarm goes off again and I get up and turn it off. I showered last night after a late pool workout, so I skip a shower this morning.

7.15 am Once I’m dressed and ready for work (happily wearing scrubs today since it’s an OR day), I take my usual vitamins (multivitamin, Calcium/Vitamin D, magnesium) and sit down at my kitchen table to have breakfast (pumpkin oatmeal with a scoop of almond butter and lots of berries) and catch up on blogs/the news/my email/whatever else I need to read before the day starts. I put a simple lunch together, with lots of snacks.

IMG_3062the necessities – notebooks, laptop, coffee

8.00 am I leave for work, stopping to pick up a coffee on the way.

8.30 am I get to work, check the OR list for the day, meet the first patient, and get into the rest of my operating outfit (scrub cap, shoes, ID badge off, etc).

9.15 am We start the first case.

Now I’m scrubbed in and not wearing a watch, but at various times I retract/help suture/generally assist with surgeries. At some point, my preceptor gets tired of asking me hard questions about anatomy and makes me a coffee while we chat about triathlon (he’s a cyclist).By this point in my training, I’m familiar with the idea that surgeons don’t stop for silly things like lunch or pee breaks, so I grab a few bites of snacks between cases.

IMG_2978having a great time on plastics even if I am always hungry :)

5.00 pm Finish work and drive somewhat quickly (but also carefully :) to Laurier while scarfing down an apple. Boogie to get into the pool on time to start the Koala’s workout (still 5 mins late).

IMG_3043post-swim, pre-run

6.00 pm Swim done. Chat with the rest of the team for a few minutes before heading to the treadmills for speedwork.

7.00 pm Run workout done. Normally I would stick around to stretch with my coach, but I have dinner plans so I need to get out the door.

7.15 pm I stop at my sister’s place to check on her because she’s been feeling sick with a cold, and at the LCBO to get a gift for my preceptor since tomorrow will be my last day on plastic surgery.

8.00 pm I arrive back at my place and go straight from the front door into the shower. While drying off, I sort out laundry from the workout and my day, tidy my shoes and decide on an outfit to wear to dinner.

IMG_2493threw this on because I wore it a while ago and liked it! also I couldn’t think of anything else :)

8.25 pm I’m done getting ready and running a tiny bit late, so I pick up the zucchini-banana muffins I made last night and get back in the car to make it to dinner at my friend’s house for 8.30.

9.30 pm After dinner we decide it’s early enough to have a glass of wine (it’s almost the weekend, after all) and watch some TV.

11.00 pm I’m fading fast, so we say goodnight and I come back home

11.15 pm I’m in my pj’s, and I sit on my bed with my computer triaging emails, reading up on cases for tomorrow, write a card to go with the bottle of wine I bought, and finish this blog post.

12.30 am Done with the important things so it’s lights out! I think I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow.


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