Week 13: Go Time!

distracting myself from planking by taking selfies, of course Hello internet! Today I'm blogging in the middle of the day because as of Friday, I've completed all of my clinical rotations of medical school! All that's left to do is pack up my place, study for my licensing exam, and walk across the stage to get a …

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Week 12: Still Chugging Away

midnight on a Friday #wheresthecoffeeat Sorry for the radio silence this past week! I meant to post a few times but things got away from me with friends, family stuff, school, and - of course - training. I've been feeling kinda off - like I'm not sleeping that well and I can't really get my …

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Double Digits! Training Week 10

Hello! I'm a little bit late with this Tuesday training update, but still going full steam ahead with training for worlds :)  giant cookie my aunt brought over this weekend :)  I've been struggling a bit to juggle training with lots of celebrations and weird scheduling that have been happening since I matched to a residency …

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