Training for Worlds: Week 9

Hey! Sneaking this Tuesday post in justtttt under the wire :). This past week of training made me happy because somehow, through the normal chaos of my life, my training volume is finally creeping back up to where it should be!


Wednesday 30 min spin on the bike (should have been intervals, but I didn’t have time to go home and the spin bike wasn’t really holding high tension, so I just did consistent effort), followed by a 4 mi run (8:00 pace). Later, I also did a nice 2000m pool workout – nothing fast, but good to get some longer sets in.

Thursday Koala’s practice: missed the swim because I was running late, but did get on the treadmill for ~4.3 mi of speedwork. I really felt that this was my toughest workout, even though it was one of the shortest, because I hadn’t really been hydrating properly all day.

Friday Rest.

FullSizeRender (6)

Saturday 1:30 ride on the spin bike, followed by 2 mi on the treadmill to shake out my legs. Actually didn’t feel awesome on the bike but had a really good run – pretty much standard Alyssa mode. My right ankle still acts up occasionally, so I’ve been keeping it taped but in a few days I’ll be seeing a sports med doc about it to see if they agree with me – fingers crossed that it’s just tendinitis!!


Sunday Long run (11.5 mi) on a mix of road and trail in Waterloo. I ended this run at the park, where the city has made an outdoor skating rink. A few of my friends met me there and I skated with them after the run, but I only lasted about 20 minutes before I was way too cold and stiff to keep going.

Monday 60 min spin on the bike followed by 15 minute run (2 mi) and a short strength workout

Tuesday Koala’s practice tonight – for once I remember the swim workout: 300m WU, 4×50 (drill/swim), 3×200 descending pace, 2×300 descending pace, 200 at 85% effort, 50 CD (we ran out of time for a real cool down). After swimming I did 4 easy miles at ~8:30 pace with a few other people.

Totals: Swim 3950m / Bike 3:00 / Run 27.9 mi

How did your workouts go this week? I’d love to hear!


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