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This has been the single most eventful week of my life. It’s all a giant blur, and I’m so blown away by what the next few months will hold. On Monday I started my general surgery rotation, having just finished my plastics placement. This has involved a lot of clinic time and seeing post-op patients in the hospital, which is interesting and makes the day go by very fast. On Tuesday I spent most of the day at the hospital doing colonoscopies and gastroscopies.

I went to a Koala’s workout and then out with a friend on Tuesday evening, which made for a very long day that was a welcome distraction. I’ve mentioned this before, but now that I’m in my final weeks of medical school, it was time to apply to residencies.

I wrote my applications, traveled to interviews, ranked my programs, and have been waiting to see where I’d be matched. March 4th was the day that I’d finally find the results.

I didn’t sleep at all on Tuesday night.. just tossed and turned until about 5 am. I had to be at school all morning for didactic teaching sessions, and sitting through them was so tough. My classmates were worked up about their own matches, and that plus my own nerves plus the lack of sleep made the morning hard to get through. Around 11.30 I packed up my stuff and headed home to my apartment to sit for a moment and get ready to find out where I’d be living for the next few years and what my career would look like for the rest of my life.


at 12:05 on Wednesday I took a deep breath, logged onto my CaRMS account, and saw this awesome news

I was more shocked and happy than I think I really expected. I am so relieved to have a job and beyond grateful that I got my first choice – I’ll be one of 12 new family medicine residents working in downtown Vancouver for the next two years. In a few weeks I’ll pack up my apartment here in Kitchener and move across the country.


seeing off some of my favourite people

I’m sad to be leaving many of my friends behind, but also excited for everyone who matched to their first choices as well. Hard to believe my best friends are going to be OB/GYN’s, physiatrists, anesthetists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, internists, and other family docs.

I’m also sad to be leaving the Koala’s behind but I am definitely going to be back to visit and I feel like I owe a huge thank you to my teammates, who were not only fantastic company for the past 14 months but who also showed me how awesome the world of triathlon is.


Somehow, there’s a bit more (tri-related!) news from this week, but for now I’ll just leave the focus on my match. Stay tuned for an update on what happens next and what it all means for training (I’m still going to Worlds, don’t worry). See ya in Vancouver!


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