Well, that’s another weekend in the books! Mine was full of time with friends and family, celebrating the match and my sister’s birthday. I also squeezed in some bike/run (no swim, though). I took a rest day on Friday, but I spent the whole day going over my past few runs in the back of my mind. I’ve been focusing on shorter runs, mostly off the bike, with one medium and one long run per week. The medium and long runs usually go well, but the short 5-6 km ones have been tough lately.

Then I came across this post by the Hungry Runner Girl , and the lightbulb went off for me! It’s not until I’m really warmed up that I get into a run. Since I’m always struggling to jam workouts into packed days, I’m often really bad about things like warming up, stretching, and strength workouts. I’m sure that if I warmed up properly, those first 5km wouldn’t be so rough. The same is true for races. I worry that a 5 or 6 km warm up is too much or will tire me out, but really, it’s what I need to finally find my groove.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 11.16.13 PM

Aside from realizing that I need to be better about warming up, I’ve been thinking about mantras that get me through tough miles… things I repeat to myself that bring my focus away from any suck (nausea!) I might be feeling.

Some of the things I repeat to myself during a tough race (or even the odd hard run!):

Some other ones I found online:

  • Just keep pushing
  • Pain is temporary
  • Find your strong
  • Dig deep

I think mine could be a little more inspirational! Maybe then I’d be faster? Haha!

Do you have a mantra or go-to phrase to get you through a tough race/set/workout/day?


2 thoughts on “Mantras

  1. Firstly, I have very mixed emotions about you being matched. We need to get together before you leave!!

    Your mantra is amazing – I love chop wood, carry water and the article you shared is perfect.

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