Week 11: Behaving, But I Really Love to Run

75 thoughts every runner thinks while running…laughing so hard right now. Every one, every time.

I’m sure I’ve posted this before but this article always cracks me up

It’s Tuesday again! Training went fairly well over the last few days as I’ve actually stayed on track with the plans in Training Peaks. For a while I’ve been running a lot more mileage than I was supposed to, and the sore ankles I keep mentioning are probably a result of that. On Thursday my coach and I went out for an outdoor run (spring!!!!) and he told me that he gets it – I love to run, I’m fit, it feels easy… but my body will break down if I continue to push it every day.

Honestly, I really do love to run. But he’s right (Rob, did you read that!??). So I tried really hard to drop the mileage this week, and I tried a lot harder to feel ok about that. On the plus side, I got some good bike miles in? OK :)


 post-Sufferfest phoning in the smile… I’m too tired :)

Wednesday Did the Sufferfest video (the Hunted) again… and it was still super hard, haha. 1 hour, 21.5 mi. After that, I ran a little 2 mi just to find my legs (not in Training Peaks but also ok according to my coach). Later in the evening I went for a casual lane swim with a friend. We didn’t have much time, so I got 1000m in and called it a night.

Thursday Finally got to the pool on time. The Koala’s workout had a few longer sets, which are nice for me to settle into. Lately I find that I’m ok on the first 100 of a set, then I get a bit worked up for the next 200, and then I settle and feel good. Getting into some distance training will be good, because that 4 km swim is inching closer every day. Total for the practice was about 2050.

After the swim we did the run (4.2 mi) outside! The weather here is finally turning around (I hope I don’t jinx it by typing that) and it was just so nice to be out in the park with the sun still up at 6.30 PM. I literally live for summer running.


no workout but my bike travel bag got delivered! woo hoo!

Friday Rest day – I did nothing! This was extra great because it meant that I had time to have dinner with friends.


long ride – done and done!

Saturday I had a 2 hour ride scheduled, and even though the weather was nice on Thursday it was cold and foggy on Saturday so I did this one inside. Consistent effort in zone 2, which put me at 42.8 mi. I thought about a little run afterwards but then decided that 2 hours of cycling was enough for me :)


family dinner at my teeny table

Sunday Long run scheduled, but the day got away from me and then I had my family over for dinner so I did this one on the treadmill at night. Usually treadmill running gets boring, but I just felt really good during this long, slow run. A few friends were in and out of the gym while I was running, so I chatted, thought about plans for the week, and generally just chugged along. 11.3 mi / 1:47.


feeling good post-long run! maybe lower mileage is ok after all? haha

Monday 1 hour bike – did a little interval workout of 5 min WU, then 3×12 min hard with 4 min resting in between (level 13/9 on my spin bike) and 7 min CD to finish the hour. It was definitely not easy but I feel good that I got it done and put in the effort.  I also did about 40 min of strength training.

Tuesday Koala’s workout planned for tonight: ~2000 m swim, 6 km easy run

Totals: Swim: 5050 m / Bike: 84.3 mi / Run: 21.2 mi (breathe) / Time: 10 hours

How was your week? 


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