Week 12: Still Chugging Away


midnight on a Friday #wheresthecoffeeat

Sorry for the radio silence this past week! I meant to post a few times but things got away from me with friends, family stuff, school, and – of course – training. I’ve been feeling kinda off – like I’m not sleeping that well and I can’t really get my legs going during workouts. It felt like I was slacking all week, but when I look back there are actually some decent numbers here. I always have my optional Friday rest day, so maybe I’ll take one of those soon. More thoughts on this to come. For now though – a glance at the week:


post-ride, my shirt is more sweat than anything… tmi? 

Wednesday Got a quick bike ride in between school and a session I had to attend at night. Since I couldn’t handle the idea of a sufferfest ride on such a long day, I just made up my own interval workout: 6 min easy WU / 3 x (12 min hard, 6 min easy). For me and my spin bike, “hard” is around level 13 with >75 RPM and “easy” is around level 9 with >100 RPM. Total distance was 23 mi!

Later in the evening, around 10, I was able to do a quick swim again at the university pool: 1100 m easy swimming


 facing down the freezing cold pool

Thursday Koala’s workout:

Swim – warm up, mix of pulling and kick sets, then long set and a few sprints to finish – 2400 m

Run – was supposed to be a tempo run in the park, but the combination of the bike the day before and the bigger than usual swim (and, ok, I hadn’t eaten since breakfast) meant my legs were d.e.a.d. My heart rate was barely 120 and I could hardly pick up my feet. Converted this run to an easy 4.1 mi

Friday In the spirit of taking it easy, I went for an easy 5k run in the neighbourhood on my lunch break.


the fact that I had banana bread waiting for me did make the biking a little easier :)

Saturday By the weekend I was feeling ready to take it up another notch, so I did 2:00 on the spin bike at level 11 (44.8 mi). My legs felt good and strong and although I was working, I definitely wasn’t dead when I got off.

Sunday In the afternoon I enjoyed a veryyyyy overdue hot yoga class and finally felt like some of the muscles in my hips and back were loosening. Lately they’ve been really tight, so I have a deep tissue massage scheduled for tomorrow morning to work out the last few kinks.

After yoga I grabbed a snack with my family, who came for a visit, and then headed to the treadmill for my long run. It was just way too cold and windy out for me to attempt 2 hours outside. –> 12 mi, 1:56

Monday Quick bike again in between work and life – I managed to squeak out an hour of intervals and then a little ab workout before dashing home to shower and get going again:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 8.58.53 PM

Tuesday Koala’s workout:

Swim – warm up, drill set, main set (the pulling! it will never end!) and cool down – total 2000 m

Run – nice easy run outside since we’re enjoying some slightly-less-chilly (ie 3 degrees) sunshine around here. Total 4.5 mi

Whew! That’s it. Totals:

Swim 5500 m / Bike 90.2 mi (4 hours) / Run 23.7 mi + 1 (amazing) yoga class — 11.5 hours

PS: for more details, pics, and up-to-date happenings, you can find me on Strava and Instagram!


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