Week 13: Go Time!

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distracting myself from planking by taking selfies, of course

Hello internet! Today I’m blogging in the middle of the day because as of Friday, I’ve completed all of my clinical rotations of medical school! All that’s left to do is pack up my place, study for my licensing exam, and walk across the stage to get a very special piece of paper :)

Yesterday I met with the Koala’s Koach (hi Rob!) and we talked about what my newly free-d up schedule means for training. I want to be a bit aggressive in these 7 weeks while I have some time, because I know that moving to Vancouver and then getting to Sweden will mean lots of travel days and probably a bit of a drop in fitness right before the race.

So, the plan is to go full steam ahead, and starting yesterday we’re increasing my training volume to around 16 hours per week. Hopefully this will also mean that I’ll have more time for afew extra blog posts besides the usual training updates – I have a few on the go that I hadn’t had the time to finish.

So, here’s the recap!


rush to the gym –> tape ankles –> don’t notice you missed half your face in your selfie

Wednesday On Wednesday I had justttt over an hour to get a workout in before finishing the day at work and then going back to the hospital for a call shift. I got on the bike for an hour and then rushed home to shower, but to be honest I kindddd of phoned it in. Ended up doing shorter intervals at high intensity (L15 / L9) –> 60 min/24.6 mi


car selfie I sent to my Mom after Thursday practise because I’d missed her call :)

Thursday Post-call Koala’s workout! I was pretty tired, but once I got going I felt ok. The swim was 2100 m with mixed sets of long/slower and short/fast. I love this because it simulates my heart rate on race day. Usually, I get nervous, which gives me a high HR to start (same as doing a fast 50 here), and then I have to settle myself over the first 400m of the swim (same as doing a consistent 400 in the pool).

Steve, Rob and I ran outside after the swim. I’m still loving every outdoor run I get, because they seem so rare! We did about 4.5 mi.


Friday This was an optional rest day, but it was also the last day of structured medical school, so I got let out early. After a 30 min nap in the afternoon, I was more than ready to give my legs some running work to do. I had a GREAT treadmill progression run – worked up to 8 mph and even threw in some 30 sec efforts at 10 (Total: 4.2 mi). Wooo hoo!

My sister came by for dinner after and we made one of our favourite dinners – maybe I’ll try to get a recipe up soon!


getting off the bike = big smiles over here!

Saturday I met my good friend to go shopping, and after the mall we hit the gym together so she could run while I did the first part of my long bike. I love when friends come and talk to me on long trainer bikes because otherwise the boredom is endless. After she left I finished my ride and then did a little 12 min run just to find my legs – I had planned to run at least 20 minutes but I had plans and it was getting late :).  Totals: 2:00 bike (45.5 mi) and 12 min run (1.45 mi)


Sunday Another exciting workout! Since I’ve been complaining worrying expressing concern that I have to swim 4k in Sweden, Amanda (another one of the Koalas!) agreed to meet me at the pool on Sunday and prove to me that I could do it. So, we jumped in and just started swimming. 160 laps later I was done! YEAH FOUR K!! I feel so much better now that I know I felt fine. (Total: 4000 m, 1:22)

Later in the day I also did a run – usually Sunday is my long run day, but we backed off the mileage a bit this week due to last week’s fatigue, and I only had 7 km on the schedule. Banged them out easily – no ankle pain either :). Total: 4.3 mi, 34:00



Monday This marked the start of increased volume! At lunch I went to a 1 hour yoga class to get some stretching in. Later, I started the workout off with a 1 hour bike (60 min/ 22.1 mi – I did the intervals I posted here), and then followed that up with a progression run (4.0 mi/34 min). I also included some strides on the run! Finally I did a strength workout including abs and upper body (and took the selfie at the top of this post :). Pretty solid day! I slept like a b.a.b.y.

Tuesday Koala’s workout planned for tonight – likely ~2000 m swim and easy outdoor run (4 mi).

Totals for the week: Swim 8100m (3:22) / Bike 92.2 mi (4:00) / Run 22.5 mi (3:15 ish) + 1 hour of yoga and a few strength sessions

You can definitely see that the long run took a chunk out of my run mileage, but I’m pretty happy with the week overall and looking forward to this next training block. How was your week?

PS – Strava lovers, find me here!


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