Yoga sessions: 2

Books read: 1: To Kill a Mockingbird (loved it even more this time around)

Time with family: It’s been a while since I was home for a whole weekend, but we’ll have lots of time over Easter. Plus Dana and I have had a few fun dinners together!

Favourite day: Hard to say! Match day? The last day of medical school?

IMG_3383Medicine (Crazy?:)//

Days worked: 23 + 4 call shifts (I think?)

Rotations done: 1 (General Surgery)

Exams written: 1 – General Surgery (+ an extra gen surg oral exam)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetTriathlon (Fast-ish)//

Swim workouts/kms: 10 workouts, 20,600 m

Bike workouts/kms: 13 workouts, 365.4 mi

Run workouts/kms: 22 workouts, 178.4 km

Strength workouts: 4 (more if you count yoga)

Total hours: 40:01, plus yoga, strength and stretching

Indoor workouts/outdoor workouts:  7 outdoor, 42 indoor (counting bricks as separate workouts to make the math easier :)

Best/favourite workout: tough one! Probably my 4k swim but all the outside running has been great! I’m also really happy with the swimming and biking mileage this month, even if the running has taken a hit.

Average RHR: 46 bpm

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.14.11 PM

IMG_3190Travels + Other goals (Life!)//

Places visited: None!

Plane rides: 0 :)

Favourite location: Home, enjoying the last few weeks in KW before I have to leave

Days I actually drank 1.5 L water: Hmm. Not many. I kind of forgot about this goal, but consider this my reminder to get back on it. And possibly track somehow? Stay tuned. 


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