Things I’ve Been Screenshot-ing Lately

fd6797273dea0953c5941639553d57caSo I do this funny thing where I take screenshots of things I like as I come across them. Usually they’re pictures, sometimes funny, sometimes pretty, sometimes useful. Sometimes totally random. So, just in case you were hoping for a photo brain dump of what I’ve been looking at lately, you’re in luck! Fair warning: most of what I’m thinking about when I’m not thinking about medicine or tri is related to eating a lot of food (I know, shocking, right?).

Happy Easter weekend! Hope you’re all enjoying your Friday off – I got out for the first outdoor ride of the season with a few of the Koalas!

 jennifer causey37b8438ddd00a61ff7c26eaf8a74e640     fcb9391ee7434108484039bcf40a457c

running advice, apartment inspiration and breakfast for days

9059fae9b038e1c8bec8c03a08890f56      27ca4fe3b749b5bbd3da7bdcbcf24e26

baby animals and vacation rides

                da334661e5ae74f252e039bc9f836efb    FullSizeRender-3


FullSizeRender-2   FullSizeRender-5

spring and friday? yes yes yes

FullSizeRender-6     FullSizeRender-4

more coffee and more friday





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