Week 14: The Bikes are Out!

Whew! A really busy Tuesday and Wednesday totally derailed anything close to a timely recap post, but better late than never right? :)

This week was a busy one with heading home for Easter celebrations and the final year OSCE on Tuesday (OSCE stands for Objective Structured Clinical Exam – it’s a practical exam where you are given a clinical scenario, asked to take a history/do a physical exam, then come up with a differential diagnosis for your patient and suggest the next steps/treatment).

Overall, I think the week went pretty well. Some days I am finding that I’m really hungry, and I’m certainly sleeping more, which I think is just my body adjusting to the slightly higher volume. Biking really takes it out of me!


Wednesday I did my bike/run brick indoors since it was still a little too cool to be outside. I did my usual trainer workout of late: intervals on a 30 minute cycle (6 min WU/6 min L14/3 min L9/6 min L15/3 min L9/6 min L14) – since this was a 90 minute ride, I just repeated it x3 (only did the WU once). Total: 90 min, 33.9 mi

After biking I ran on the treadmill. I always find that the first 5-10 minutes are tough, but once I push through that and find the right muscles I feel great. 32:30, 4 mi.

Finally, I did a little strength workout (mostly core/arms since my legs were wiped).


It’s hard to tell in this photo, but I’m completely drenched and VERY happy to be back in the car

Thursday In the morning, my friend Jenny and I decided to take advantage of the warm (but cloudy) day and go for a run in the park – we did about 6k. Later in the afternoon, I went to the regular Koala’s workout: 1 hour swim consisting mostly of drills and repeats of 100’s –> 1800m total. After swimming, we did a speed workout that I just was. not. feeling. It had started to rain, and I think I was still getting used to the higher biking volume, and I just couldn’t turn my legs over. The workout was WU / 3 x 1600m fast with 800m recovery / CD. I got it done, but it wasn’t very fast.


 Koalas fixing fast bikes

Friday Since everyone had the day off for Good Friday, a few of the Koalas got together for the first outdoor bike ride of the season! Yipppeeee! I really don’t like the trainer/spin bike, and even though it was a little cool and I’d forgotten that it’s hard to keep up with those cycling superstars, it was so nice to be outside. We did about 75km (3 hours with a stop for bike adjustments).


 wearing about 15 layers of cycling gear to keep warm – it was only 1 degree!

Saturday After my Friday ride I was raring to get back on the bike, so I brought it home to Aurora with me and talked my cousin into the coldest 45km I’ve ever biked. I couldn’t feel my toes for about 30 min when I got home, but it was worth it! Lots of hills and sunshine :)

Sunday I left my long run till the end of the day because of Easter family stuff, and I guess I was tired and too full of chocolate because it was the worst run in a while. I originally had 21k planned, but I had to bail at about 16.5. I was feeling dizzy/kind of puke-y and just like I couldn’t push forward, so I finally decided to call it quits :(


Koach biking into the sunset on Crowsfoot road

Monday I felt a lot better on Monday, so Koach Rob and I took the bikes out to one of my favourite routes, the Maryhill P-loop. Since it was evening and windy, this was another coldddd ride but I’m glad we did it (45 km, 1:50). Earlier in the day I also did my strength workout.


 post-run/pre-exam brunch of champions!

Tuesday I missed the Koala’s workout because of the above-mentioned OSCE, but I did manage to get a good run in early in the morning: 8 km / 38:30. Now to get back on track!

Totals: Swim 1800 m (1 hour) – oops / Bike 136.3 mi (8:35) / Run 27.8 mi (4:00) + strength (~1 hour) and stretching (~1 hour)

Hope your week is going well! Follow along on Strava here!


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