Week 16: Digging for Motivation, a little race and Marathon Monday

Hello again! Hope you’ve all had a good week – there was some lovely weather in there and it’s been great to enjoy the sunshine. I have a feeling it won’t be long before my permanent summer tri-shorts / tank top tan lines are firmly in place. FullSizeRenderI had a pretty good week of training and raced a local 5k. I was feeling a bit fatigued at the beginning of the week with lots of biking, so I scaled back a bit. Physically I feel ready to take on this new week, but mentally I might need a little push… someone remind me how soon those tris are creeping up!

Wednesday I got a text from my coach about my fatigue levels in Training Peaks – my TSB (training stress balance – read more about fatigue, fitness and form on TP here) was -42, and my daily ramp rate for CTL (chronic training load, or fitness) was quite high. So, I opted not to bike and just hopped on the treadmill for a quick run between lectures – 4.3 mi in 34:18, plus a strength workout.

IMG_3625Thursday In the pool for the first half of the Koala’s workout. I was starting to feel a bit better but still not 100%, and to be honest I kind of phoned this one in. We did a few longer sets, so I still managed about 2000m, but there was a long break in the middle for me. After the run we had a tempo scheduled, but I lightened my pace a bit because I wasn’t feeling it. I did 4.4 mi, 34:32.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset Friday The sun was shining, I had a super productive day, and I went for a lovely run in Victoria Park – I wore my watch but I paid zero attention to pace or distance. Just ran for fun, enjoyed the warm air and all the kids playing, and headed home when I’d had enough. 4 mi, 31:58.

Later in the evening I also went to a really nice hot yoga class in Aurora. It’s so great to stretch after lots of biking! I find that my hips get incredibly tight… way worse than anything ever did with running alone.

IMG_3633 Saturday I was at home and kind of had to juggle some awkward timing with a dentist appointment and driving back to Waterloo in time for the EndurRace, which had a 6 pm start time. I only had about an hour to bike, so I just did some loops in my parents’ neighbourhood. I focused on maintaining a high cadence on the uphill, and forced myself to sit in the aero bars for the rest of it. We can call that hill and bike control training, right? 12.3 mi, 47:43.

IMG_3653 In the evening I ran the EndurRace in Elmira – details in my race recap! 3.1 mi, 23:03.

Sunday I started the day with a bike ride. It was supposed to be the long ride that I’d skipped on Saturday. I really had great intentions to stay out for the full 2:30 on the schedule, but the wind was totally crazy. I was pedalling and barely going forward, and after about 50 minutes I decided I needed to turn around and head home. I was getting frustrated with pushing hard and only holding 24 km/h. 23.5 mi, 1:35. Sometimes you just have to pack it in, even if you are totally annoyed after the fact.

IMG_3646 In the afternoon, I played in a student vs doctor basketball tournament. 1) I’m pretty bad at basketball and 2) I wish I’d worn my watch because even though point 1 is true, I was definitely the only person who could easily run up and down the court for 80 minutes. I didn’t put this workout in TP and I don’t think it should count for mileage, but it definitely was active time! It also led to me skipping my long run due to more awkward timing.

IMG_3656 Monday Despite a rainy day I knew it was time to get back to it – I get anxious deviating from the training plan too much. (Healthy? Normal? Don’t answer that). Did 1:00 on the spin bike (21.9 mi) followed by 5.2 mi on the treadmill (42:45) and a strength workout.

I also loved watching Boston Marathon coverage! Even though I was pulling for Shalane Flanagan, I thought Desi Linden had a fantastic race and obviously Caroline Rotich had an awesome day as well. Shoutout to local KW lady Jessica (a total speed demon)for her fantastic performance!

Tuesday I felt like I desperately needed to keep up the stretching and a little mental reset heading into the final four weeks of training before my first tri of the season (Challenge Knoxville), so I went to an early morning hot yoga class to get things going. Amazing way to start the day.

The Koala’s workout is planned for tonight. We’ll do our usual swim (about 2000m) followed by a run in the park or on the treadmills if the rain is just too much – lately I’ve been such a fairweather athlete! I guess I’ve gotten used to the dreadmill after all those winter days.

Totals: Swim: 2:00 (4000m) / Run: 3:30 (25.2 mi) / Bike 3:20 (57.7 mi.. oops) + strength and 2 yoga classes (3 hours-ish). Definitely a lower volume week!



One thought on “Week 16: Digging for Motivation, a little race and Marathon Monday

  1. Congratulations on a great race and a good week of training. This is why I love tracking my workouts because you know when you need a break! Nothing wrong with a lower volume week!

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