A Weekend of Racing – EndurRace 8k Recap

Hello! I raced both the EndurRace 8k and Waterloo Half Marathon (recap here) this weekend, so there’s a double whammy of a race recap coming for you! Hopefully I’ll post more photos once the official ones are up online, but for now feel free to enjoy these stellar quality pics courtesy of my iphone :).

I’ll start with the EndurRace 8k – this was on Saturday evening, and it was the second part in a 2-race series, which started last weekend with a 5k (recap here). I felt good last weekend, and went into this race nice and relaxed. The only goal I really had for time was to go sub-40:00, which would have been a very comfortable pace for me – perfect given that I had a half marathon 12 hours later.

IMG_3691standard pre-race selfie as I rush out the door

It was a bit cooler, so instead of the SOAS shorts/shirt combo I wore last weekend, I put on a pare of crops and a tank top, and added my trusty arm warmers (don’t forget you can use the code ALYSSACANTARUTTI for 10% off :). I felt cool and vented but not overly cold. Given the later start, I opted for a similar nutrition pattern as last weekend (early light breakfast, brunch-ish meal around 11, snack + coffee at 4:30).

Koach Rob met me at the race, which was really nice, and before I knew it we were lining up to start. The gun went off and I weaved a bit to find some space. I settled in with a group of men and when we came through the first km at 4:20, I knew I needed to back off a bit. The group was thinning, so I found a spot on the inside of the course and just chilled out for the first 2.5 km or so.

We turned the second corner and came to the long back stretch of the course. It’s pretty flat, but the roads are crappy on the shoulder and the wind was right in our faces. At this point, I was pretty much running alone, so I started watching people and slowly picking them off. That’s one of my favourite tricks for hanging on in shorter races – instead of thinking about where I am or how many miles are left, I just chase people down one by one.

Mile 1: 7:07

Mile 2: 7:13

Mile 3: 7:42

I had towed up another runner and paid for the solo effort with a slower mile three, so when we turned the 3rd corner to start mile 4, I dug in a bit and used some slight downhills. I bridged up to a group of 4 men and we worked together (mostly I tucked in behind them) to get to the last 0.5 mi.

At that point, I saw Rob and waved (I was feeling good again!) and the front two guys took off. I knew I wasn’t going to catch them, but I had lots of kick left to finish in front of the second two guys in our pack.

Mile 4: 7:35

Mile 5: 7:37

Final – 4.98 mi, 36:58 (2nd AG, 4th female overall)


post-race medals and selfies #favouritethings

I didn’t stop at any aid stations along the way for this race, which is pretty normal for me whenever I’m doing less than 10km. They looked well-organized though, and there was lots of water, gatorade and post-race food at the end.

Overall, it was a good race. I think I struggled mentally around the 2.5 km point – do I go hard or hold back? Can I hang on to a faster pace? I busted out a couple of my usual mantras (“I’m tough enough to do this” and “it’s not supposed to feel easy”) and I think that helped me. Next time, though, I’d like to be a bit smarter about windy sections. I probably could have surged a bit at the beginning of the back stretch to catch someone and work together, rather than face the wind for a mile. Also – I’m told I looked comfortable but slightly more even pacing would probably feel better :)

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 3.22.03 PM

That’s it! Home to shower, get some sleep and on to the next!


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