Week 17: At least I ran a lot?

Hey, hey! It’s Tuesday and I don’t have much to report on the training front this week. The weather was crappy and I was preoccupied, so it was definitely a lighter week. But, on to the next! I did have 2 good runs over the weekend so I’ll take what I can get :)

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Wednesday I had to be in Hamilton by the early afternoon, so I only had time for a brief treadmill run (4.1 mi, 31:45). On the plus side, I did get to hang out with these lovely ladies!

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Thursday I snapped a picture of this desperate attempt to get myself to drink more water – I know I perform better when I’m hydrated, but for some reason water just seems so unappealing to me during the day. I think it’s because I’m always cold. Anyway, I added frozen berries and fresh mint to the pitcher, and it kinda worked! I’ve been more hydrated since then. The workout for the day was a Koala’s one, but I kinda slacked on the swim (I was a bit tired from the night before). 1800 m swim (mix of longer sets), followed by speedwork, which I did on the treadmill because of the weather: 1 mi WU, 1 mi @ 7:30, 0.5 mi jog, 1 mi @ 7.30, 0.6 mi CD


Feeling stretchy – the yoga is paying off :)

Friday Heading into a weekend of running, plus a bunch of random work/life commitments during the day meant I only had time for a 90 minute yoga class in the morning. I think this ended up being a good way to head into a higher mileage weekend although I did feel guilty about not getting a workout in at the time. Sometimes yoga is such a nice way to reset. I posted about a really nice example of this here.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetdoing laundry on Saturday – I realized I wear a lot of neon. and pink. 

Saturday Race day! I took it easy during the day and ran the EndurRace 8k in the evening :). Total with warm up was probably around 9km… I know, I know, I should warm up more!


pre-race nervous selfie, as per usual

Sunday Race day part two! I ran the Waterloo Half Marathon in the morning, and then went home to shower, study and eat. I was pretty tired by the evening, and even though I was planning on an easy spin at night on the trainer to flush my legs, I was just too tired :). Race + WU was maybe 22 km.

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Monday Back to the regular schedule after a lot of running and not much else. I felt really recovered from the weekend, so I did an easy 1 hour on the spin bike (18.6 mi – it was just a touch too cool outside to bike by the evening), followed by 1 mile on the treadmill just to find my legs. Add some strength and I was definitely done!

Tuesday I couldn’t help but join some friends for a speedy 5k in the park this morning, since it was so sunny! There’s also the Koala’s workout planned for today: 2000m swim and 7km easy run. Overall should be a solid day – I feel pretty good!

Totals: Swim 3800m / Bike 18.6 mi (1:00) / Run 35.9 mi (5:00) + strength and yoga –> let’s not talk about how badly I need to get back on the bike :)


One thought on “Week 17: At least I ran a lot?

  1. Two races last weekend? TWINS! Let me know if you want to go riding in May before you leave – I would love to take advantage of the short amount of time I have you in the same city!!

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