Week 20: I’m Still Alive


Hello again! I didn’t realize how far behind I was with posting! This will be a mixed bag of training updates, April recap and plans for May. Stay tuned for my Challenge Knoxville race report as well!

I think I mentioned in a previous post that May was going to be a really big month. It started off with a visit from a close friend from California. We enjoyed a few days on the 9th and 10th, and on Monday the 11th I wrote my Medical Council of Canada licensing exam. There is no easy way to say this – the exam was hard. It’s a very long day and obviously designed to have challenging content, so I’m glad it’s done.

On the Tuesday and Wednesday after the exam, I threw all my energy into packing and sorted my life into boxes that would either go into storage in my parents’ basement, get donated/given away, or shipped to Vancouver. On Thursday I loaded all my furniture into a U-Haul (with a little help from some strong friends :) and drove it to Hamilton where my cousin and her friends adopted it.

On Friday, I packed up my little SUV and we started the drive down to Tennessee – more about that in the race recap! Now that I’m back this week is all about last minute things before graduation on Friday and flying to Vancouver next week. The moving truck came yesterday and picked up all of my things, so it really feels like I’m in the home stretch!


Needless to say, with all of this the training has taken a bit of a hit. I’m looking forward to picking it up a bit more now that a lot of the moving stuff has been taken care of. I’ve basically taken days off when other parts of my life have been very busy, or when I would just rather spend my last few days in Waterloo with friends and family instead of fitting in a two hour bike ride or long run. At first I felt a bit guilty about this but I think that juggling everything is important! I’m not a professional athlete and I’m happiest when my life is balanced.

Here’s the April recap:


Yoga sessions: 2

Books read: Didn’t finish any, but started the Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing

Time with family: Lots of quick weekend trips home

Favourite day: My birthday!


Days worked: None! Med school ended so I only had to be at school a few days a week for lectures and exam prep. I definitely don’t count that as work :)

Rotations done: none

Exams written: none

IMG_3582Triathlon (Fast-ish)//

Swim workouts/kms: 7 / 12.0km

Bike workouts/kms: 12 / 491km

Run workouts/kms: 25 / 201.7km

Strength workouts: 4

Total hours: 46:30 (704.7 km!)

Best/favourite workout: Definitely going to give this one to the first outdoor ride of the season! Way back on April 3rd when a bunch of us braved the cold to get the bikes outside. It’s so nice to be off the trainer :)

Average RHR: To be honest, I’m not 100% sure because the app I use only saves data for 30 days (clearly I’m way behind on this post). From the last few days in April, though, it looks like I was averaging around 46 bpm.

IMG_3576Travels + Other goals (Life!)//

Places visited: Nowhere crazy, but spent lots of time going to my usual KW favourites.

Plane rides: None :)

Favourite location: KW. I’m really going to miss this little place.

Days I actually drank 1.5 L water: This is crazy bad, but the only way I could say I ever drank this much water is if we included coffee. Not sure how to get better but I will still keep at it!



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