Packing for a Far Away Race


So, in 5 days I’m moving across the country. Last week, I packed up most of my little apartment in Waterloo and put all of my favourite things on a truck that will supposedly meet me in Vancouver. 9 days after I arrive there, I’ll be turning around and heading to Europe for a combination cycling trip (a grad gift to me, from me :) and then the ITU worlds. Needless to say, all this packing and logistics has made my brain feel a bit scrambled.

In case you find yourself packing for a distance race (or in case I’m somehow in this situation again, haha) here’s a list of what I’m bringing. In light of all the moving, I’ve really been trying to take a minimalist approach to how much stuff I need (both for the trip and for the rest of my life). Hopefully sometime in July I’ll do another post on how it all went and whether I would change anything.


  • phone, laptop, camera, necessary chargers
  • wallet
  • keys
  • passport
  • cash in the appropriate currency
  • clothes, shoes, toiletries
  • jacket/scarf (airplanes are cold!)
  • photocopies of important documents (especially when I’m travelling to more remote places or areas where it would be harder to find help, I always travel with photocopies of my passport, birth certificate and SIN card, and I keep those in a separate place from my actual passport)
  • Book and headphones

Race Gear

  • bike, helmet, pedals, bike shoes, seat bag with flat kit (I carry a tube, tire iron and CO2)
  • bike pump (note: I won’t bring this to Sweden, but I had it with me inTennessee for Challenge Knoxville, which was an international race. I liked being able to pump my tires after the bike had been in the car for a few days)
  • wet suit
  • goggles
  • towel
  • tri kit
  • sports bra
  • arm warmers / calf sleeves
  • gloves / hat
  • cycling jacket if it’s cool enough to need one
  • socks
  • running shoes (with QuickLaces, if you use them)
  • hair tie/headband/bobby pins
  • sunglasses
  • tape
  • number and safety pins
  • watch + charger
  • heart rate monitor
  • race belt


  • coffee (I have also been known to bring a bowl, spoon, kettle, and oatmeal ingredients for pre-race breakfasts in my hotel room at the crack of dawn :)
  • sweatpants
  • sweater
  • if you’ll be in the area for a few days before, remember to bring some gear to train in: a bathing suit, swim cap, bike shorts, jersey, run shorts/crops, run top, sports bra, socks, hat


  • warm/dry clothes


  • hydration
    • Bike bottles
    • Decide if you’ll bring any of your own hydration or use what’s on the course
  • gels / nutrition (I like GU gels, Honey Stinger gummies, Clif Shot Bloks and Bonk Breakers)
  • salt capsules
  • Painkillers (yup, I keep 1-2 tablets of ibuprofen in my bento box)
  • post-race snack

What do you think? Did I forget anything? 


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