Week 21: Just Staying Afloat


Instagram airport selfie :)

Hey guys! Here’s another late post, from the airport while waiting to board a flight. This is the wrap up of what has been the single craziest month of my life: visits from friends, the LMCC, travel and Challenge Knoxville, graduating from med school, and now the big move to Vancouver. I need a longggg nap :).

This week I was back in Aurora to finalize the last details of the move, pack my clothes (not a small feat) and hang out with my family. I’ve just said goodbye to them at the gate and I know I’ll miss them (and all my Ontario people, really) very much.

This post is meant to be a quick training recap for May 20-26 and I’m hoping to be back tomorrow or Monday with a whole look at the month – it’s been so amazing!

Wednesday I got back on the bike for the first time after the race in Knoxville, for a quick ride in the Bamburg hills with Koach Rob and Steve. It was really cold, though, and to top it off I didn’t have anything except a pair of tri shorts and a hoodie because I’d shipped most of my stuff to Vancouver the day before. Managed 22 mi, 1:28

Thursday My last Koala’s practice! I have such mixed feelings about this. Obviously I’ll miss all of the Koalas and our Tuesday/Thursday brick rituals, but I know that Vancouver will be amazing for training (and if you guys are reading, you had better visit!). We actually didn’t do a swim today because we had a dinner out to send me off, but I did get in a nice 46 min run inWaterlooPark (5.2 mi).



got it!!

Friday Graduation! Rest day but I did stay out dancing for most of the night :)



heading out to celebrate with my favourites

Saturday Andddd recovery from graduation – another rest day :)


champagne alllll day

Sunday Feeling guilty about all the missed workouts. My parents threw me a beautiful graduation party but I managed to sneak in a run in the morning. Not my usual long run by any stretch, but still 4.4 mi (34 min)

Monday This was a change from my usual route – I did about 40 km (25 mi) of biking through Aurora, King and Kettleby. The scenery was beautiful and there were some good climbs! 1:34.


Tuesday This was such a hot day but I knew I needed to get something in. I ran 3 miles to my cousin’s house, then we ran/walked 3 mi back together (she is just starting to run and it’s been so nice to have a buddy!). When we got back I literally ran into my parents’ pool… clothes and all :). 6 mi + 30 min of splashing around/halfhearted swimming!

Totals: why bother? it was a crazy week and I’m happy that I got in anything at all. I’m lookingforward to getting back on track though, as the big race creeps ever closer! xo


dad to the rescue – helping me pack up the bike

PS – I probably also deserve credit for all the packing I did! My entire Waterloo apartment got decluttered, boxed, and shipped and I am wiped!



2 thoughts on “Week 21: Just Staying Afloat

  1. Congratulations on the move. Honestly – as someone who has just moved as well, don’t even worry. My training has taken a huge hit too and you need to count all that box lifting as a workout too, you know! ha. :) Best of luck settling into your new place and wishing you ALL THE BEST.

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