Up, Up and Away

IMG_3898I’m at the airport again! This time I’m heading to Europe for some fun cycling and then – FINALLY – ITU WORLDS! At this point, I’m recognizing that I’m fairly undertrained for this race (not something I recommend) but I know that I’m fit enough to do it safely and that I need to have reasonable goals for it.

Firstly, I’d like to have fun and soak in the atmosphere of competing at an international event. I’m so pumped to be wearing red+white, and I promise to show you all the Team Canada goodness here (and on my instagram!) in the coming weeks. Secondly, I’d like a strong, well-paced bike, and thirdly, consistency on the run, even if it is slower.

In the meantime, here’s a really mediocre recap of how training/life has gone over the past week or so that I’ve been in Vancouver (9 days). I haven’t tracked my training as well as I usually do, but I have been pretty conscious about getting it in. The swimming took a bit of a hit, but other than that, I’ve been pretty good! I’ve been cycling a bit on my bike but mostly at the spin studio around the corner from me, Cyklus. The workouts are killer and the people are great. I also headed out for a run with the 8th+Cambie Running Room folks, which was a great way to see some of the Seawall on Sunday morning. My other runs have been solo but really nice. Add a bit of yoga (you know, carrots are nature’s candy), and I’m feeling pretty good.


Evening views from my apartment – on this night the North Shore mountains are just visible

Two of the things I noticed immediately about living in an urban setting (with no car!) are that 1) bikes are a hot commodity (I can’t reply to Craigslist ads fast enough!) and 2) I walk A LOT. I’ve been easily taking over 20,000 steps every day that I’ve been in Vancouver, which doesn’t really count towards training but definitely tuckers me out.

IMG_3883 IMG_3884

So far the best thing by far about living here is all of the fun outdoor stuff to do. On Friday I paddled out with a friend and we caught a bunch of crabs! It was pretty easy (especially when I didn’t have to do too much prep work ;) and such a fun day.

IMG_3895The other great thing about living here? The BEACH! Most people who’ve read this blog for more than two minutes know that I’m a total beach bum but I’ve never really lived close to one (except for a few months in high school). So I keep pinching myself that I LIVE HERE. These are regular views on my runs. 


Finally, I spent the last day or so re-packing some stuff to head to Europe. Remember if you’re packing for a destination race (or a cycling trip like the one I’m doing first – reviews to come!), you can find my handy checklist here. I have an awesome 70L pack from MEC that has been with me everywhere (Europe, Africa, South America). I don’t think they sell the backpack anymore but here’s a similar one. Above is one of my favourite packing tips for when I’m traveling with my backpack. I pack outfits in 1L ziploc bags (stuff sacks from MEC are great, too, and more environmentally friendly). Then, I label the bags with the date, and easily grab the right one in the morning! If I’m going on a trip with a less rigid itinerary, I just label them “beach”, “city”, “hiking”, etc.

That’s it! See you in Europe!


2 thoughts on “Up, Up and Away

  1. Victoria

    I live in North Van and just FYI that pic is not the north shore mountains.. that is Mt. Baker which is in Washington! Have fun in Europe :)

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