Training Update

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Hello! Popping in for a quick training update (from my super comfy couch) since the big move. Basically, I’ve been biking to get around, running most days and ….not really swimming at all.

I never really liked swimming as a workout. It often left my back/neck and shoulders sore, and it just seemed like a lot of work for a low-intensity activity. Since the amount of time I have for exercise these days is a little limited, I prefer high intensity bursts that leave me feeling like I really pushed hard.

You can always follow along with my training on Strava, but essentially I’ve been working back up to my ~30 miles per week training average. Usually this looks like moderate distances Tues-Thurs, something slightly longer on Friday, a race or easy run on Saturday and then a long run on Sunday. Each day I’m cycling about 40 minutes total in my regular comings and goings, and when I can, I’ll take a more intense spin class or do some nice restorative yoga :)

Stay tuned for more about my fitness goals going forward as well! I’ve got some ideas but I’d like to hone them a little more before putting them on the blog for the world to read! Haha.

I’m also looking forward to sharing more of the rest of my life, including my new apartment (which I lovelovelove) and some Vancouver hangouts that are quickly becoming favourites.

Totals this week: Swim 0h/0km || Bike 2h50 min/58km || Run 4h/47.2km


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