Just Running and Eating and Camping and Working

Hello! I don’t have a particularly structured training post for you, because I have been so darn B.U.S.Y. at work but also because I don’t know where I’m heading with my fitness goals. I know I mentioned before in an earlier post that I had some ideas, but for now that’s really all I’ve got. I loved (love!) triathlon and it definitely brought me so many opportunities. I just feel that as a resident I’m working so many more hours that it’s just not going to be feasible to keep training for LD triathlon.

Here’s what I have so far in terms of planning for the next year or so:

  • Lots more running – running has always been my favourite, so I figured, why fight it? As long as I can stay pain-free, I’m planning to slowly increase my mileage again. It would be amazing to PR in the RnR Half Marathon in October, so I’ll be working towards that. As a secondary goal, I’d like to get back to racing 5 and 8k’s… I know a sub-22 5k is possible for me if I put in the work!
  • Just staying active – since I’ve moved to Vancouver and didn’t bring my car with me, I bike or walk everywhere to get around. I think this is really helpful for fighting desk-itis, which is that restless feeling I get when I do a lot of sitting
  • This goes along with staying active but…. >10,000 steps per day. I almost always go way over this goal on days when I run, but on off days (usually Monday) it can be a bit of a challenge! Pretty eye opening for me because I always thought that running around the hospital all day meant I had an “active” job.
  • Incorporating other fun things: mostly hiking around here! There are so many day hikes that are accessible from Vancouver and I’m looking to incorporate more hiking into my regular routine. I’ll get a list going for the blog too, one of these days :)



One of the first hikes I did was in Garibaldi National Park … and omg, it was beautiful. The lake in the photo above is fed by the glacier on the far shore. The air had that fresh, crisp almost taste to it, but the water was just warm enough to swim in. We hiked in, set up camp, hung out by the lake, and then hiked out the next morning. I had forgotten how much I love backcountry hiking and camping!IMG_4266Wild blueberries I snacked on along the trail


I’ve also been loving all the delicious food in Vancouver. This salad is from Heirloom, which is an amazing vegetarian place. It’s a little pricey, but the food is delicious and the portions are huge – I ended up taking about half of this home for lunch the next day!

IMG_4203     IMG_3182

Finally, I’ve been working a lot. Meal prep Sunday this week (mostly just cutting and washing veggies, above) was so key for me surviving this week. On the right, you can see my name and pager on the board from a 24 hour call shift on Tuesday – eek! I’m glad that’s over but I napped Wednesday after work and tonight for about 30 minutes each time. My body just does not do well on a big sleep deficit.

PS. I have one or two big projects in the works, so stay tuned! I’m excited to share them here. What are you guys up to? Don’t forget you can follow all my runs on Strava and the general craziness of the rest of my life on Instagram :)


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