The week is off to a decidedly rainy start here in Vancouver, and I thought I’d use the chance to post a little update on some of the fun things I’ve been up to in and around the city. My sister visited last week, which meant a great chance for both of us to get out and explore. IMG_4447                             IMG_4443








On Tuesday night, we met up after I’d finished work and made a mad dash to the Grouse Grind – we wanted to be up and over the top by sunset so we could enjoy the view. It was not easy, but we did it in 48:18 – and it was so worth it! You can see the sun setting in the photos above. We were amazingly high up. Those tiny boats in the harbour are actually huge shipping vessels!


Saturday we hiked up to the third peak of the Chief. This involved a little bit of scrambling and a few sections of real hands+feet climbing, but again, totally worth it. We left early in the morning (in the car at 7, at the base of the trail before 8.30), so it was blissfully quiet and peaceful on the mountain. At the top, we had a view of Howe sound all to ourselves!


When we got back down into the city, it was only about 1 pm, and my ever-active sister suggested we hit the beach. After I snoozed for an hour or so in the sun, we mustered up the energy to try SUP. It was great! Once I got the hang of balancing with my core and relaxing my knees, it was pretty easy.


On Sunday we checked out the Capilano suspension bridge. This was pretty overpriced and tourist-y, but it seemed like a rite of passage that had to be checked off. I also got in a nice and easy long run that morning, and in the evening we went back to Heirloom for some amazing veggie food.

This week I’m hoping to hit up the Grind again, and maybe squeeze in another short hike if the weather allows. Over this past weekend, we had big storms here! There are a few trees down and lots of people with extended power outages, so I’ll definitely wait till it’s safe to venture into the trails.


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