East Side 10k Race Report (44:57)

Hey! I’m having a pretty great weekend over here, even though it is pretty rainy in Vancouver. This morning I ran the East Side 10k through downtown Vancouver with a group of runners from the Fraser St. Run Club. The short version: it was a super rainy day, and I surprised myself with a 10k PB! The long version:

I woke up around 6.30 and had some time to spare. Since I usually get up early for work and I’d gone to bed early the night before, I just felt like I was in the habit of waking up pretty early. I ate some oatmeal with almond butter and honey for the extra energy and got dressed in shorts and a singlet. When I saw the pouring rain outside, I added arm warmers and a disposable jacket (like this one), which I planned to toss at the start line.

We met up with the Fraser St. Run Crew people for a big group photo, and it was so awesome to see the turnout despite the weather!Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 6.09.31 PM

Pretty soon it was time to line up at the start. I had run from my place to the race, so I figured I was as warmed up as I was going to get and left it at that. I was in the first corral, so I headed over with most of the other runners from Fraser (holy fast people, batman).

True to my usual form, I hadn’t really researched the course. I’d heard rumblings that it was hilly, and it was still coming down in sheets, so I placed myself just behind the 45:00 pace bunny and figured I see what happened. The gun went off, and I soon found myself in some serious traffic. We jockeyed for position for the first 700 m or so, and then things settled down. At around 1.5km I ditched the jacket and settled in.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.33.56 PM

It seemed like the pace bunny was flying. I suffered through the second mile and found myself dropped halfway through the third, but I was pretty confused because my Garmin was flashing reasonably fast splits. I decided not to worry about the pacer and focus on my own running instead. Miles 1 and 3 were ok, but 2 and 4 just kind of sucked (mile 4 maybe because I randomly decided to run fast?). By mile 5 I was counting down the minutes, and I just kind of hung on for mile 6 + 0.2.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.39.59 PM

After the race I found out the pacer was running for a 45:00 gun time… but we’d started far enough back that he ended up running closer to a 43:00 chip time, which was too ambitious for me on a course that definitely did turn out to be hilly. Since I’d chased him for the first bit of the race, I paid for it with a pretty big positive split, but I’m still ok with it.


Pretty instantly after crossing the line I was looking up at the clock trying to figure out the timing – at the end of the day, my chip time says 46:07, but because of the congestion before I crossed the start line, my Garmin says 44:57. I’m definitely choosing to take it as a PB :). Some of my friends also had fantastic days, so feel free to check out the race on Strava!

It was a great day! My next race will also be a 10k, so stay tuned to see if I can put up some consistent results :)



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