I Caved

For the longest time, I insisted that I wasn’t going to run a marathon. I wanted to run a “fast” half before I attempted the full. I wasn’t sure my (previously stress fractured legs) would handle the volume. I sort of just didn’t want to run further than 30km ;).

After racing Seawheeze a few weeks ago, I started to see the problem with this logic. Even though on race day, sub-1:35 felt “fast”, I suddenly had changed my definition of fast. In my head, I was already thinking I needed to whittle the time down to 1:32, 1:30, and even something in the 1:20’s before I could call myself “fast”.

Mileage-wise, I started to realize that a lot of people run marathons on a lot less volume than I do currently. Do I think that’s a good idea? No. Do I think you can run a fast, healthy marathon that way? Not really. But I do think that if for whatever reason, I got injured and had to back off the mileage a little, I could still finish the race.

So, on Monday I signed up for the California International Marathon (CIM). It’s in Sacramento, California on December 4th. It’s been a while since I’ve raced a distance that’s “uncharted territory” for me, so I’m excited to get there.

I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do about training – if you have advice I’d love to hear it. Right now I’m running about 75km/week, including a long run in the mid- to high-20’s (km). I want to keep the fitness I built up to Seawheeze, but I almost feel like I should give myself a bit of a break and then re-build into CIM? Or I could just keep this base and slowly but steadily ramp up the distance while working harder on pace.

Either way, stay tuned! I’ll post more training details when I figure them out. Keep a look out for another post next week where I’ll explain fuelling during a marathon – I gave a talk at the local Running Room this week and I’ll share the take-homes here.

Jan brought home champagne to celebrate – which made the next day’s track workout… challenging.

Thoughts? Back off and re-build or build slowly with more speed work? Anyone else racing CIM?


2 thoughts on “I Caved

  1. Danielle @ Wild Coast Tales

    YAY! I am so excited for you and happy to eat lots of food with you the day after a long run! Hehehe. I’ve been reading the blog This Runner’s Recipes for awhile – I really like it, good info! And she is training for CIM too and posts weekly training if you’re curious to see what someone else is doing.

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