Marathon Training – 9 weeks out

Single digits! Suddenly this race is feeling closer and closer. It’s amazing how quickly weeks have been going by lately. I really feel like I blinked and almost missed September. I think it’s a combination of lots of running (and therefore needing lots of sleep) and working later into the evenings.. the days fly by!

Here’s a quick recap of marathon training this week. My knee was off and on but seems to be holding up (everyone touch wood now!)

Monday: 2.5 mi early in the morning with Jan.. Usually Monday is a rest day for me but he wanted to go out so I went too. My knee was so sore, though, that I couldn’t do the whole run with him. I was really hoping it was just stiff from the 15 mi the day before.

Tuesday: The last Cambie RR track workout for the year– a nice confidence booster for the Fall marathoners. 4 x 1000m at marathon race pace. Since I needed a bit more of a push (and I’m not tapering) I just ran a little faster than race pace. Warm up and cool down added it up to 7.2 mi

Wednesday: Got up early for a solo tempo run – I found it was a little harder to go fast. Maybe I just haven’t been running fast lately? 7.3 mi @ 7:40/mi.


(photo of me and Jan at the 9 o’clock gun by Alyson on my IG)

Thursday: My new Thursday usual: a warm up and the Run Van run! 5.4 mi and a gorgeous sunset

Friday: I met up with Danielle again, this time for 7.7 mi, and we chattered away as we ran around the park. It was super dark when we started and I was beyond happy for no rain this week. Next week she’s in Portland! Go wish her good luck!

Saturday: I meant to run. Really. The plan said 10 easy miles. First I slept in, which I told myself was ok because sleep is important. Then I got busy running errands, and told myself I’d run in the afternoon. Then there was a mini-nap (oops… sleep, right?) and soon it was drizzly and dark and I decided a rest day wasn’t such a bad thing.

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-4-33-33-pm(me, Geoffrey, Steve & Chris at Siwash rock via Dave’s IG – broadwayrunclub)

Sunday: It was the Cambie RR tradition! A pre-marathon 10 miles and lots of coffee to send everyone off. This time next week we’ll be hearing about races in Portland, Victoria, the Okanagan, Chicago, Toronto and more! I went out fast with the guys and then slowed down to finish and add on a bit for 12.6 mi total. Average pace 7:40/mi (yes this is tempo pace… but the first 5ish miles were faster and the rest much slower)

Total: 42.8 mi / 5:47 


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