Marathon Training – Still Here!

I’m finally getting around to a marathon training update!

I missed a whole bunch of updates after the 9 weeks out post – things got crazy with on-call weekends, our trip to Toronto and NYC, and my MCCQE. Other than that week on the east coast, when I walked a lot but only ran 20 miles, it’s been ok.

I’ve been running mostly higher volume, which is what worked for me when training for a faster half marathon. The problem is that when I was doing half training, I tried to do at least 2 short tempo-style runs per week. A 5- or 6-mile tempo was easy enough to do during the week. Now, though, I think the same tempo would need to be 18-21 miles, and that hasn’t been happening.

Generally, the weeks look like this:

Monday Off! I love being able to start the week by sleeping until a normal time and focusing on work at night. Plus, it’s the day after long run day, and my legs usually need it.

Tuesday I get up around 5:45 and run around the seawall, either with a friend or on my own. I usually run around 8.5 mi at 8:15 pace.


after a perfect 10 miler at home! 

Wednesday If I can get to the Running Room in the evening for a 10k workout, I do! (This has happened once.) More realistically, I get up early again and run in Vancouver. Lately I’ve been going over Burrard and into Kits. Something about Wednesdays make me feel tired, and I end up running around 6 mi at something like 8:30 pace.

Thursday I’ve been consistently going to the 6:30 RunVan meetups on Thursday morning. I have been trying more to use this as a speedier day and get my pace under 8:00. The total mileage is usually 5-6, including my warmup.

Friday This is always a solo day, sometimes after work and sometimes before. Usually its anywhere from 3-5 miles depending on whether I’ve felt the week was low on mileage, or I’m worried about fitting in runs on the weekend. I also try to keep this one under 8:00/mile.

Saturday Run either on my own in the afternoon, or with Jan. Pace tends to hover right around 8:00, and distance usually 4-6 mi.

Sunday Long run, of course. Because of all the weird weekend schedules, a few of these have been on my own. Two weeks ago, though, I ran with my friend Nikki while she did her first half marathon, then added on. Last week, Jan biked beside me while I did the two bridges 30k, because I had the LMCC in the morning. The video at the top is a compilation of little videos he took while goofing around on the bike with me.

Total: Hovering around 50mi for the past 3 weeks – one more to go before the taper starts! 

Tomorrow the plan is to do the Gully Run – 34km of hills with the Running Room kids. Stay tuned for more!

img_7975 Thanksgiving Morning – a little Turkey Trot with Jan and Dana


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